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This is now known as 'brain entrainment,' which is a method to stimulate the brain into entering specific brain waves by using a pulsing sound, light or electromagnetic field.
Many publications of meter manufacturers also state that accurate compensation for the gas entrainment is possible.
Using this index, the researchers were able to confirm that terminal unit geometry increases entrainment performance.
2013) on a full scale laboratory setup of an operating room showed strong inward contraction of supply air jets indicating entrainment of the surrounding air into the sterile zone and they attributed this behavior to the buoyancy forces on the downward supply air jets caused by the temperature difference between the supply air and surrounding room temperature.
Discussion centered on four themes where significant progress can be made using ground-based remote sensing, in situ data, and modeling: 1) aerosol indirect effects and the cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) budget, 2) precipitation, 3) entrainment and mixing, and 4) mesoscale organization.
The Management Committee has been tasked to appoint sports, culture and entrainment committees in next couple of weeks to provide better recreation facilities to the locals in all these fields.
The exiting air jet from the linear supply diffuser creates strong entrainment (induction) flow over the patient and behind the bed (Figure2a, Page 18).
Third method - Brainwave Entrainment (binaural, monaural or isochronic).
The study tested the new model for entrainment in subtidal crabs, which proposes that the female perceives the environmental cycles and entrains the endogenous rhythm in the embryos.
The newly-listed four bedroom, 3-bath duplex penthouse has its own chefs kitchen, and two levels separating the spacious living and entrainment spaces.
Glottal Fry in College Aged Females: An Entrainment Phenomenon?
These terms are rhythm, synchronization and motor entrainment.
Here, the emphasis was laid on the air entrainment limit.
The Venturi effect incorporates the Bernoulli principle by incorporating an entrainment port at the site of the convergence of the funnel-shaped tube.