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A deeply immersive, multi-layered soundscape, encoded with advanced brainwave entrainment technology, Sound Asleep is designed to gently lull its user from the waking state into the very deepest stages of sleep.
It's good to think of listening to brainwave entrainment in the same way you think about regular meditation yoga or physical exercise.
Current literature suggests that entrainment by gamma beats promotes cognitive flexibility, modulates visual attention, and enhances creativity.
Until water is falling down entrainment of air bubbles and their removal acts simultaneously.
Entrainment profiles.--Nearly all of the spiders analyzed (n = 37) performed locomotor activity throughout the 5 days of LD 12:12 h entrainment.
Figure 10a also indicates a slight increase the centerline velocity between 15 to 50 percent of the vertical distance which indicates a slight entrainment of the surrounding air into the fast moving downward jet.
This is now known as 'brain entrainment,' which is a method to stimulate the brain into entering specific brain waves by using a pulsing sound, light or electromagnetic field.
At large mass flow rates, fully homogeneous gas-liquid mixtures were produced, which reduced the systematic mass flow bias to about 8% at 5% gas entrainment. Similar deviations on the mass flow rate were found in other studies, but no physical explanation has been devised.
For example TV manufacturers first produced monochrome TVs, then colour TVs and subsequently home entrainment systems.
When I first heard about Nancy during a CPR certificate renewal, I realized that her "magic" is a traditional Eastern teaching technique known as entrainment.
One of the key metrics for this study is the entrainment ratio (ER), which is "the ratio of the mass flow rate of room air induced to the mass flow rate of primary air supplied," according to the study.
Ideally in an operating room the supply air after exiting the diffusers should flow over the patient (surgical site) and surgical staff and exit through exhaust grills in a single pass without entrainment into and re-circulation with the supply air stream.
While much of the work on merging fires has focused on radiant heat transfer, entrainment and convection also appear to play a significant role in interactions.
Discussion centered on four themes where significant progress can be made using ground-based remote sensing, in situ data, and modeling: 1) aerosol indirect effects and the cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) budget, 2) precipitation, 3) entrainment and mixing, and 4) mesoscale organization.