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The exhibition has assigned a section for children titled (Child's Theatre) that will present awareness and entraining shows in the afternoon shift.
The test image reveals that features known as X-ray bright points (two exam pies are in box) are simple magnetic loops entraining hot gas.
When metal is poured without any filtering device in the runner, a turbulent flow of metal reaches the gate before the runner is completely filled, entraining air in the process.
Neurotechnologies are methods and devices that purportedly enhance mental functioning by entraining brain-wave patterns, often producing a psycholophysiological state of hemispheric synchronization.
Liquid polyol and MDI prepolymer streams are pumped to the static mixer, where they are combined without entraining air.
Construction chemicals are widely used for waterproofing repairs, crack and expansion joint fillers, bonding agents, tile adhesives, plasticizers, retarders, air entraining compound accelerators and others.