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On 30th November the battalion was suddenly ordered to entrain at Savy for Cambrai in order to reinforce the line there on account of a large scale German attack.
In a paper published in Science Advances, Forger and his co-authors used the data they collected from ENTRAIN to provide an overview of the social and solar cues that influence when we go to sleep and when we wake up.
1986) and hydrostatic pressure (Forward and Bourla, 2008) can entrain circatidal rhythms.
Tunisie Telecom invite ses chers clients a ne pas rappeler ces numeros, tout en les rassurant qu'elle est entrain de deployer tous les moyens necessaires afin de les proteger de ces pratiques d'escroquerie.
Such a treatment might help travellers, shift works and others who overtax the ability of the biological clock to entrain to environmental cues.
According to proponents of tuning-fork sound therapy, an organ or chakra that is not operating at maximum capacity will entrain to the frequency of a vibrating tuning fork and come back into alignment.
His recent research into alternative high performance skins has led to the development of 12 inch thick frameless glass panels capable of creating varying opacities by the use of frit applied patterns and inner layers that promise to control light, entrain air and offer views out through a highly insulated yet shimmering, ice-like membrane.
It incorporates a high velocity air jet that uses a small amount of compressed air to entrain 80 percent of the total output airflow from the surrounding room air.
It also meant that ''feeding cycles can entrain the liver independently of the SCN and the light cycle,'' the study said.
On 30th November the battalion received sudden orders to march to Savy and entrain for Tincourt.
Le petrole a fort cout de production est entrain d'etre retire du marche, selon le dernier rapport de l'Agence Internationale de l'Eenergie.
Commentant pour AM, l'information de l'existence averee de 157 associations operant en Tunisie et exercant des activites suspectes, le porte-parole du syndicat de surete republicaine Habib Rachdi nous a affirme que ce nombre ne represente pas le 1% des associations qui sont entrain de financer le terrorisme en Tunisie '.
For the endogenous rhythm to develop in the embryos, it is assumed that the embryos' sensory systems become functional toward the end of development, and the rhythm develops as they entrain to external environmental cycles (Forward, 1987).
But on a trailer modified to have slits and rounded contours at its back edges, sheets of air pumped by fans rearward through those slits hug the curved contours and entrain air rushing over the trailer into an orderly current.
Selon le site "USA Today", Princess a ajoute que le maintien d'une demi douzaine de voyages programmes cette annee est entrain d'etre evalue, ajoutant que la securite de ses clients et des equipages sont la priorite majeure.