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Synonyms for entrails



Synonyms for entrails

internal organs collectively (especially those in the abdominal cavity)

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The two civic bodies had declared cleanliness emergency to keep the city clean with timely removal of waste and entrails of sacrificial animals from at least six union councils and the cantonment area.
While some people may find the idea of eating sheep entrails a little stomach churning, this is a staple in most Moroccan homes.
He said that 16 vehicles would be used to remove garbage, entrails of animals and offal from different areas of the Sukkur.
And they know me, my entrails, at alam ko 'yung ano nila [Pastor and I are friends with many of them.
His method involved opening up a sheep and predicting destinies by having a look at its entrails.
According to a press statement issued by the SSWMB, 31,836 tons of animal entrails were dumped and buried in various landfill sites.
Some warehouses on illegal processing of animal hides and entrails were discovered in Prigorodnoye village near Bishkek, Deputy Head of the district department of the State Inspectorate for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Safety Chyngyz Sheishenbayeva told Turmush.
They should be chained to their desks in the Tate Modern with a tub of steaming entrails" TV's Anneka Rice after Nigel Farage's decision to quit the Ukip leadership
Cats, as we all know, get their Omega from fish, but when they cannot dig their teeth into their entrails, they opt for cakes, no less.
A little girl watches her dad gut a wild boar in the kitchen and swears she sees a bright blue VHS cassette among the entrails. Wearing a giant rat costume, the guy who played Napoleon Dynamite can't stop itching while hosting a cooking show.
Here's all you need to know: when shooting a zombie early on in the film, one of the brave Israeli he-men looks at the creature's exposed entrails and quips what is probably the greatest line in any horror movie ever: "Looks like kishke.
Hyett also left entrails in the bread aisle and poured oil into a cleaning machine, leaving a repair bill of [euro]290.
Police in Italy have arrested a man for allegedly murdering his mother and grilling her entrails with the intent to eat them.
The ancient Romans, who thought the future could be read in the complicated shapes of animal entrails, had it all wrong.
It seems only two seconds ago poor old Katie Price was wolfing down entrails and crawling through rat-filled tunnels.