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Synonyms for entrails



Synonyms for entrails

internal organs collectively (especially those in the abdominal cavity)

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Police in Italy have arrested a man for allegedly murdering his mother and grilling her entrails with the intent to eat them.
According to reports, the iguana was brought to an area near Safa Park and stoned to death, with its entrails then hung from a tree.
MUD, portaloo entrails, slurry, folllowed by a heatwave.
The ancient Romans, who thought the future could be read in the complicated shapes of animal entrails, had it all wrong.
cooling entrails, pony shadow, runes, green tea leaves in drag, jellied
Hours later, the teenager turns up covered in entrails, transformed into a flesh-hungry menace.
NSSF fought the ban on traditional ammunition because there was no conclusive evidence California condors were being harmed by it and because hunters offered to voluntarily take steps to prevent ingestion of spent bullet fragments by burying game entrails," said Lawrence G.
All the manifestly stupid views we fight involve either the view that (a) someone is taking care of us and we don't have to do any thinking, or (b) there are easy ways of preventing misfortune by reading the stars or studying the entrails of a beast or playing with cards to tell you what's going to happen .
A ripped haunch, roiling and bloody, flashed, and I turned away, yanking the dog behind me, when my young cousin whispered what's this , and groped for a stick to free the leg, and when that didn't work, he knelt in the trashy run, his face close to the scrabbler, fingers plying the greasy, furred gash, the entrails glazed with flies which might have deterred someone else, but he sat, now cross-legged, unwinding the wrecked limb the way the hands that lifted the boy in Wyoming must have worked.
and two dysfunctional sisters (Amy Adams, Emily Blunt) try their hand at clearing up blood and entrails at gruesome crime scenes in the quirky comedy SUNSHINE CLEANING.
According to a friend who does a bit of foreseeing herself, it is "Derived from the word for entrails (exta) and the verb to look at (specto), extispicy.
The archeologists also found three wooden canopic jars, which the ancient Egyptians used to store the entrails of their mummified dead, and four ushabti boxes containing wooden figurines.
A HUGE power station fuelled by gas released from rotting chicken blood and entrails could be built on Anglesey.
Shakespeare scholars will recognize the provocative assertions about selfhood and the body in David Hillman's new book Shakespeare's Entrails from significant essays of the late 1990s published in Shakespeare Quarterly and in The Body in Parts, a landmark collection he coedited with Carla Mazzio.
Traditionally the entrails were spread out on the animal's hide.