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of flowering plants (especially orchids etc) that are pollinated by insects


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The disproportionate association of anemophily and dioecy or dimorphism at the specific and generic level is contrary to earlier observations of dimorphism associated with entomophily at the species level in the Hawaiian Islands (Carlquist 1974, Bawa 1980).
A growing body of experimental evidence in recent years corroborates the deductions made from these early observations, and entomophily is now considered widespread in cycads (Grobbelaar, 2004).
The role of spines may obviously seem to promote dispersal by entomophilous vectors (entomophily), but it has not been determined that dense spines with smaller size in Upland cotton have any species-specific advantage over Pima cotton in the outcrossing vectored by insects.
Entomophily in the dioecious gymnosperm Ephedra aphylla Forsk (= E.