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of flowering plants (especially orchids etc) that are pollinated by insects


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The similarities of entomophilous cycad pollen traits with that of anemophilous gymnosperms suggest that cycad pollen is robust, and well adapted to cope with detrimental environmental conditions.
The themes of scientific research cover a wide range of issues concerning the selection and improvement of the local biological material; creation of highproductivity new lines and hybrids of the Carpathian bee; methods to improve the melliferous basis and the directed pollination of the entomophilous agricultural crops by bees; economic exploitation of bees both in the apiaries of the amateur beekeepers and in the large, intensive apicultural exploitations; design of new apicultural equipment; elaboration of new drug preparations to control bee diseases; use of apicultural products to support human health.
Weeds and flowers are also uncommon causes of allergic symptoms in southern Africa because many of these pollens are insect borne (entomophilous).
In the longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) ecosystem, herbivores and detritovores play an important role in ecosystem function and more than 75% of the plants are entomophilous based on flower structure and observation (Folkerts et al., 1993).
We sampled insects visiting flowers of the most common entomophilous plant species every 15-20 days throughout the 2005 flowering season (October-December).
Like all members of the Araceae they are entomophilous (Grayum 1990), and olfactory signals are considered critical for the attraction of insect pollinators.
Aerobiologica analisis of some entomophilous tax In the city of Salamanca
Plants of the Asteraceae family, with an entomophilous pollination estrategy and the Poaceae family with an anemophilous strategy presented the highest concentration of anthophilous insects.
A Test of Ethological Isolation among Entomophilous Fungal Species Sharing Common Insect Visitors.
Odors Produced by Entomophilous Mosses are "Fungal", not "Floral".
The role of spines may obviously seem to promote dispersal by entomophilous vectors (entomophily), but it has not been determined that dense spines with smaller size in Upland cotton have any species-specific advantage over Pima cotton in the outcrossing vectored by insects.
The philosophy of flower seasons, and the phaenological relations of the entomophilous flora and the anthophilous insect fauna.
Evolutionary relationships between entomophilous plants and anthophilous insects.
biomass in flowers: exploring corolla allocation in Mediterranean entomophilous plants.