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"These insects are coldblooded, so the cooler it is, the slower they develop," said Orkin entomologist Chelle Hartzer.
PESHAWAR -- Entomologists are blaming climate change as reason behind the outbreak of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis disease infecting around 22,000 people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Speaking to Muscat Daily, Dr Derek Roberts, entomologist, SQU, said that he has trapped about 20 species of mosquitoes from Oman.
Tenders are invited for monitoring and control of the works of the company awarded the vector control contract on the riverbank, by an entomologist or group of entomologists.
The expertise of entomologist is critical in anti-malaria efforts.
Rather than repeating the long and interesting history of the Society, I report here only on the general trends seen in the journal sponsored by the Florida Entomological Society: Florida Entomologist.
Brandon Keim details the experiences of a South Dakota entomologist with the US Department of Agriculture in studying how pesticides might influence monarch butterfly numbers.
A forensic entomologist will use insects to determine cause of death, drugs used and location of a crime.
Academy entomologist Charles Griswold says the spider spins a crude web, but scientists don't know yet what or how it eats.
In addition to the medical entomologists with the PM detachments, there was also an Army or Navy entomologist assigned to the cooperative medical assistance (CMA) unit that dealt with various medical issues among the Afghan population.
An entomologist is a scientist who studies insects, including bees.
About 800 pages of handwritten notes by a 19th-century entomologist can now be read at a website called "Resurrecting Asa Fitch's Aphid Notes: Historical Entomology for Application Today."
FONTWELL: 2.20 Walton Way, 2.50 Presentandcorrect, 3.25 The Kop End, 4.00 Lady Racquet, 4.30 Precious Bane, 5.00 The Entomologist (nap), 5.30 Atlantis.
"It looks like the infestation is going to expand north towards Kenora and Dryden," provincial forest Ministry of Natural Resources entomologist Taylor Scarr says.
"We're losing between 40 and 60 percent of our bee population annually in this country," says Gordon Wardell, an entomologist based in Tucson.