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of or relating to the biological science of entomology

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The potential effects of climate change on dengue in the Caribbean were projected using the CIMSiM/DENSiM models (CIMSiM is a dynamic life-table simulation entomologic model of various parameters that influence the growth and reproduction of the mosquito vector for dengue fever, and DENSiM is essentially the corresponding account of the dynamics of a human population; these models account for the development of the virus within individuals and its passage between vector and human populations.
To evaluate the risk for local transmission of malaria, entomologic investigations using light traps and human landing collections methods were conducted in the 4 villages that had a large number of confirmed malaria cases.
From mosquitoes: GANV was isolated from a pool of 100 mosquitoes belonging to the Culex vishnui complex collected from North Arcot district in Tamil Nadu and Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh during entomologic investigations (10).
A subsequent entomologic investigation during August (usually the driest month of the year) confirmed that mosquito breeding was indeed occurring in the dry season (Jardine et al.
Five entomologic surveys of randomly selected houses were conducted: before intervention (March 2011, September 2011, March 2012) and at 5 and 12 months after intervention (September 2012, March 2013; wet and dry seasons, respectively).
All the specimens were deposited as adult vouchers in the Entomologic Reference Collection of Faculdade de Saude Publica, Sao Paulo University, Brazil.
Entomologic surveys were carried out during the month of December 2006.
Entomologic and virologic investigation of chikungunya, Singapore.
Impact of permethrin-treated bed nets on entomologic indices in an area of intense year-round malaria transmission.
Status of forest onchocerciasis in lower cross river basin, Nigeria: Entomologic profile after five years of Ivermectin intervention.
Trained entomologic technicians systematically searched for and collected T.
However, malaria transmission can occur below the detectable entomologic threshold.
Therefore, entomologic data may help predict risk for human babesiosis (6).