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Synonyms for enthusiastically

with enthusiasm

in a lavish or enthusiastic manner


References in classic literature ?
She's a daisy," said Dan, enthusiastically, misunderstanding the look.
Dr Hood," he cried enthusiastically, "you are a great poet
The Pension Bertolini had decided, almost enthusiastically, that they would do.
Beverley, his artistic growth still under a watchful eye of Sellers, said he had never had any doubts as to the success of the thing from the moment when a single phrase in it had so carried him away that he had been compelled to stamp his applause enthusiastically on the floor.
Then the philosopher setting his lantern on the ground, crouched upon the stones, and exclaimed enthusiastically, as he pressed Djali in his arms,--
He shook hands with Philip enthusiastically, but Philip's face fell, for he realised that Rose had forgotten all about their appointment.
he always spoke so enthusiastically of you, Colia here; I liked his enthusiasm.
All the speeches were enthusiastically received, but the coloured man carried off the oratorical honours, and the applause which broke out when he had finished was vociferous and long-continued.
He at once agreed to everything, and put the matter before the Emperor," said Princess Anna Mikhaylovna enthusiastically, quite forgetting all the humiliation she had endured to gain her end.
When Katharine was seventeen or eighteen--that is to say, some ten years ago--her mother had enthusiastically announced that now, with a daughter to help her, the biography would soon be published.
The nobility enthusiastically applauded, and Dorothy applauded with them.
I've got what I wanted," the young man answered enthusiastically.
They will never dream you are with us," Guggenhammer interjected, as the outlining of the matter drew to a close, his handsome Jewish eyes flashing enthusiastically.
As the contestants came opposite where Bashti and Aora his prime minister stood, they redoubled their efforts, Wiwau goading enthusiastically, Tiha jumping with every thrust to the imminent danger of dropping the stones.
Daughtry," Walter Merritt Emory went on enthusiastically, while he held the steward's eyes with his and while all the time the live end of the cigar continued to rest against Kwaque's finger, "the older I get the more convinced I am that there are too many ill-advised and hasty operations.