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Synonyms for enthusiastic

Synonyms for enthusiastic

showing or having enthusiasm

Antonyms for enthusiastic

having or showing great excitement and interest

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Enthusiastic as we are in the noble cause to which we have devoted ourselves, we should have felt a sensation of pride which we cannot express, and a consciousness of having done something to merit immortality of which we are now deprived, could we have laid the faintest outline on these addresses before our ardent readers.
His instinct for story-telling in verse and prose had showed itself from his boyhood, but his first significant appearance in print was in 1886, with a volume of poems later included among the 'Departmental Ditties.' 'Plain Tales from the Hills' in prose, and other works, followed in rapid succession and won him enthusiastic recognition.
EDUCATING YORKSHIRE: ONE YEAR ON (Channel 4, Thursday, 9pm) EDUCATING Yorkshire left such a lasting impact on its viewers last year thanks to the charismatic students and enthusiastic teachers.
A report on Teddy Bears Day Nursery, on Martinet Road, said teaching is good at the facility, as staff are enthusiastic and involve all children in play and learning.
In March, only 36 percent of Republicans said they were enthusiastic about voting, compared with 49 percent now.
"I think it's a great opportunity for enthusiastic amateur musicians and music-lovers to come together and experience playing in a symphony orchestra.
Artistic director Dawn Neale, from the youth theatre, says: "This is a great accolade for us and for the hard working and enthusiastic children in our company." The group has been running for more than seven years and holds regular youth theatre workshops reaching more than 70 children each week ranging five to 16 years of age.
PAUL Merton is hilariously dry, as his many appearances as team captain on Have I Got News for You illustrate - but viewers of his previous documentary about silent comedies will recall that he is also enthusiastic and passionate about his love of those early funnies.
The enthusiastic and chirpy Derek was standing in four inches of snow outside Broadcasting House in Cardiff.
"Most people who witness how he behaves know he is generally enthusiastic.
"The children are so enthusiastic and have been arriving earlier and earlier each morning.
"She had all the credentials on her CV and she is extremely enthusiastic.
And last night Liz said the children's parents were just as enthusiastic about getting involved as the youngsters.
I WOULD like to take this opportunity to thank organisers of the Career Expo for putting on an event that really opened my eyes to the fact that there are many talented, enthusiastic and hopeful Bahraini youngsters out there wanting to enter the job market.
An enthusiastic recommendation for inclusion into both academic and community library World History collections, "The Siege of Vienna: The Last Great Trial Between Cross & Crescent" by John Stoye (Fellow in Modern History, Magdalen College, Oxford, England) is a superbly presented and accurately detailed account of this pivotal incident between the forces of a militant Islam and the armies of a European Christendom.