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Synonyms for enthusiast

Synonyms for enthusiast

one who ardently admires

a person who is ardently devoted to a particular subject or activity

one zealously devoted to a religion

Synonyms for enthusiast

a person having a strong liking for something

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People who have ridden it have said it's the most fun you can have on a water slide attraction,'' said Sean Flaharty, spokesman for the American Coaster Enthusiasts.
Frost & Sullivan does not expect a drop in the popularity of vehicle modification because it is a status symbol among younger enthusiasts, but these enthusiasts will soon start demanding the maximum value for their money.
Each fall, Noftsier leads wagon trains full of like-minded enthusiasts along roads and trails from his ranch at 60th Street East and Avenue G-8 to Avenue F-8 and then east to 120th Street East.
The Wine Enthusiast advertisements prompt readers to take a picture of the advertisement with their camera phone and, in return, receive promotional offers from Wine Enthusiast on their cell phone.
Official Blog - Named "Inside Track," Pontiac will use this platform as its primary means of communication with its enthusiast audience.
The coaster enthusiast community is absolutely thrilled with this competition because there's more rides everywhere .
Inside Line launched in 2005 and is the most-read automotive enthusiast Web site.
It's going to take me all spring to prepare for this,'' said coaster enthusiast Mike Barr of Downey.
We will be able to leverage the brand equity and loyal readership of our Dirt Rider title to build it into an even bigger presence among enthusiasts.
Moser and about 40 fellow off-road enthusiasts gathered outside the newly locked gate to the Littlerock Reservoir on Sunday for a pre-Super Bowl XXXIII protest of the Jan.
For 2007, the Nissan 350Z Coupe is available in four models - 350Z 6MT, 350Z Enthusiast, 350Z Touring and 350Z Grand Touring.
Inside Line, Edmunds' high-speed online car magazine and the most-read automotive enthusiast Web site, today announced that acclaimed automotive journalist Michael Jordan has joined its staff as Executive Editor.
Krebs has written a column for Inside Line, Edmunds' high-speed online car magazine and the most-read automotive enthusiast Web site, since its launch two years ago.
LOS ANGELES -- PRIMEDIA Enterprises, the business development arm of PRIMEDIA, today announced a collaboration with TS2 to produce an apparel line under its Surfer enthusiast brand.
Enthusiast Platform Powered by AMD Athlon[TM] 64 FX-70 series Processors Ushers in Era of Multicore-Enabled Megatasking