entertainment deduction

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deduction allowed for some (limited) kinds of entertainment for business purposes

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31, 2017, these above-referenced employee meal or entertainment deductions are only 50% deductible and will become 0% disallowed after 2025.
Theres still going to be a food and beverage deduction, but a lot of the entertainment deductions are going to be rolled back and have limited deductibility moving forward, Huff said.
Our office can help you create a recordkeeping plan to support your entertainment deductions.
The business community could see increased expensing, a permanent research and experimentation tax credit, and enhanced meal and entertainment deductions.
And, Mills worked to include base-broadening reforms, such as restrictions on foreign tax havens, on benefits for cooperatives, and on travel and entertainment deductions, in the Revenue Act of 1962.
Much has been written about last year's Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, with most of the attention focusing on changes in employee benefits, executive compensation, and entertainment deductions.
Travel miles, meals and entertainment deductions require that you maintain a diary with daily entries that tie into receipts and other records.
274(a) limits the amount of entertainment expenses that are deductible, and meal and entertainment deductions are generally limited to 50% of the expenses incurred (Sec.
Additional revenue will come from implementing a "millionaire's tax," increasing the alternative minimum tax rate, subjecting all wages to the Medicare tax, limiting travel and entertainment deductions and reinstating the top 55% estate tax rate.
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