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surgical operation that creates a permanent opening through the abdominal wall into the intestine

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A patient who has risk factors for anastomotic dehiscence may be a candidate for an enterostomy rather than an anastomosis to help tide the crisis over.
67 Majority of scholars have studied the influences of single factors such as anastomotic tension preventive enterostomy and transfusion on anastomotic leakage.
Referrals are made to the needed clinical services such as rehabilitation, enterostomy and wound care, home health, the Tele-Health system that provides closer monitoring of patients at home, pharmacists review and reconcile medications with the patient.
Early surgical intervention protocols consisted of drainage and enterostomy.
Previously, an enterostomy (surgically formed artificial opening into the intestine through the abdominal wall) would be performed to treat acute mechanical obstruction (Wangensteen & Paine, 1933).
If feeding by mouth is to be prohibited for a prolonged period of time, a gastrostomy or an enterostomy should be considered.
But late-stage motility disorders in scleroderma patients are myopathic in nature and may require enterostomy.
In addition to performing fluoroscopic procedures, technologists also have been trained to place an enterostomy tube into the proximal small bowel for enteroclysis examination with an overall success rate of 92%.
A variety of methods for establishing a tube feeding enterostomy exist.
Enterostomy in nectrotizing enterocolitis: an analysis of techniques and timing of closure.
This approach would include antibiotics, nasogastric tube suction, pleural drainage, H2 receptor blockers and either a feeding enterostomy or total parenteral nutrition.