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a disease of the intestinal tract

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Congenital diarrheal disorders (CDD) are rare enteropathies generally inherited as autosomal recessive traits.
2007): Chronic enteropathies in dogs: evaluation of risk factors for negative outcome.
Another group of non-IgE mediated food allergies are the dietary-induced enteropathies.
1,2 Defined histologically as a septal panniculitis,1 EN is associated with various disease processes like bacterial, viral, fungal, chlamydial and parasitic infections, sarcoidosis, Behcet's disease, enteropathies and malignities.
6) In case reports of refractory spruelike enteropathies with clonally expanded T-cell populations, chemotherapy, such as recombinant interleukin 10, infliximab, cladribine, and alemtuzumab, was used, but progression to overt lymphoma still occurred.
The increase in the [alpha]-globulin fraction has been associated with tissular necrosis, whereas decreased values have been associated with malnutrition, enteropathies, and chronic hepatic and kidney diseases (Campbell, 1996, 2004; Divers, 2000).