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a disease of the intestinal tract

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Complications of spruelike enteropathies (including collagenous sprue) include persistent, benign gastrointestinal ulceration (eg, ulcerative jejunitis).
Albumin levels can be decreased by three main mechanisms: decreased synthesis as in malnutrition, malabsorption or liver disease; increased volume or distribution as in over-hydration, or increased capillary permeability as with either septicemia or hypoxia; and increased excretion/degradation as in burns, hemorrhage, nephritic syndrome, protein-losing enteropathies, or catabolic states such as severe sepsis, (ever, trauma or malignant disease.
For the new edition, Odze and Goldblum have added new chapters on screening and surveillance guidelines in gastroenterology, congential and developmental disorders of the GI tract, GI tract enteropathies of infancy and childhood, vascular disorders of the GI tract, and fatty liver disease.
Variations in the A1AT gene are not the only causes of A1AT deficiency, however; secondary causes of A1AT deficiency include liver damage and conditions such as protein-losing enteropathies (4).
These disorders may also be confused with celiac disease and other enteropathies.