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the presence of calculi in the intestines

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Meckel's diverticulum is complicated with enterolithiasis in 3-10% of cases [1].
In conclusion, enterolithiasis is an entity that can be a diagnostic challenge for the clinician.
Meckel diverticulum-associated enterolithiasis is a rare condition that can be either asymptomatic or produce nonspecific symptoms but can also manifest itself as acute abdomen.
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We report a case of enterolithiasis presenting a diagnostic dilemma, which was solved only after exploratory laparotomy
The rare pathophysiology of post-tuberculosis enterolithiasis was explained to the patient, and informed consent was taken from him for the publication of his case in a medical journal.
Chomelin J., a French physician, was the first to describe enterolithiasis in 1710 in his medical series of Historie de l'Academie Royal (5) as a case of stone formation in a duodenal diverticulum discovered during an autopsy.
Williams in 1908 and Edwards in 1930 reported a few cases of enterolithiasis. (6) The chemical composition of enteroliths was reported by Sjoqvist (4) in 1908.
Bowel resection and anastomosis are usually done if there is a coexistent severe inflammation, perforation, necrotic bowel diverticulosis, or long segment or multiple strictures causing enterolithiasis [1, 2].
In conclusion, recurrent small bowel enterolithiasis with obstruction is an uncommon presentation of a rare diagnosis.
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