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enzyme in the intestinal juice that converts inactive trypsinogen into active trypsin

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After protease-catalyzed hydrolysis by the specific enterokinase, the pBD-2 and cecropin P1 were successfully released and their antimicrobial activities were recovered from their parental fusion peptide.
Then, the fusion partner with 18 kDa, was separated from rhPTH through digestion with enterokinase (Figure 3).
At room temperature in the presence of even small amounts of moisture, the precursors can begin spontaneously converting into active enzymes, even in the absence of enterokinase.
Trypsinogen is activated by an intestinal enzyme, enterokinase, and by trypsin.
In detail, enterokinase was added to homogenate to activate pancreatic zymogens before determination of pancreatic trypsin and protease.
Recombinant Bovine enterokinase, also known as enteropeptidase, is a specific protease used for tag removal, while V8 Protease (Endoproteinase GluC) is highly important for protein structure and sequence analysis.
LIC site; which is encoded by sense primer; is designed to enable enterokinase (EK) cleavage of all vector-encoded sequences from the expressed protein and the target protein will not have any non-native amino acid at the N-terminus after EK cleavage.