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inflammation of the intestine (especially the small intestine)

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Overall mortality due to clostridial enteritis was 9.09 percent (10/110) in lories and lorikeet.
Cryptogenic multifocal ulcerous stenosing enteritis is a rare idiopathic cause of ulceration and stricture of small bowel, which can be presented with acute or chronic GI bleeding, symptoms of bowel obstruction, abdominal pain, anemia, hypoalbuminemia, and perforation (1-5).
Tuberculous enteritis had been mostly eradicated in the United States due to improved standard of living, pasteurization of milk, control of bovine tuberculosis, and introduction of antitubercular therapy [4].
Shahzad et al., "Role of wheat based diet on the pathology of necrotic enteritis in Turkeys," Scientifica, vol.
Key words: Clostridium sordellii, Clostridium perfringens, avian clostridiosis, myonecrosis, enteritis, cytotoxins, avian, brown pelican, Pelecanus occidentalis
In a previous study, we showed that subcutaneous vaccination with the NetB protein in combination with Montanide ISA 71 adjuvant significantly protected chickens against body weight loss induced by necrotic enteritis [13].
Keywords: Necrotic enteritis, Clostridium perfringens, Pathogenesis, Control measures.
With a highly-effective vaccination against Feline Infections Enteritis (FIE) being given along with the Cat Flu vaccination, we have seen a dramatic reduction in cases of FIE and it was easy to start to think of it as a "disease of the past".
[USPRwire, Wed Apr 13 2016] Global Markets Direct's, 'Crohn's Disease (Regional Enteritis) - Pipeline Review, H1 2016', provides an overview of the Crohn's Disease (Regional Enteritis) pipeline landscape.
We included data about bacterial foodborne illness and infectious enteritis (i.e., acute gastroenteritis) because some bacterial infectious enteritis symptoms are similar to those of bacterial foodborne illness.
It was reported that the victims were diagnosed to have suffered gastro enteritis, vomiting, dehydration and headache.
Radiation enteritis is an unintended consequence of the treatment of intra abdominal and pelvic malignancies.
De todos los casos ocho fueron diagnosticados histopatologicamente como enteritis granulomatosa y uno como esofagitis de origen micotico, al demostrar en la pared de cada organo afectado, la reaccion tisular inflamatoria cronica con fibrosis extensa y la presencia de estructuras filamentosas (hifas), lo cual concuerda con publicaciones previas [1-3, 6, 9-12, 14, 15].
Campylobacter is the most common cause of enteritis in humans in the European Union, with more than 190,000 cases reported in 2008.