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In connection with entering into the VPFs, the taxpayer pledged with the counterparty the maximum number of shares of stock to be delivered on the settlement date, by transferring the stock to a collateral account to be held by a trustee for the counterparty's benefit.
76 ERA entering this weekend's Big 10 Conference opener against Minnesota.
While it is appropriate to dream, a student's feet must be planted on the ground, and the student should be shown how to take one step at a time in terms of entering competitions.
The fact that the informant misrepresented his purposes for entering the premises did not render the consent given to the informant involuntary.
The latter is especially suitable for residents--for instance those entering their own rooms with access-control devices installed on the doors.
The next year, it showed up in lakes Erie and Ontario, entering lakes Michigan by 1986 and Superior by 1987.
By entering cases with different outcomes, the most logical discriminating path can be found.
Both the existing and the proposed long-term contract regulations provide that one contract generally will not be severed into separate contracts unless (1) the contract provides for separate deliveries or acceptances of portions of the subject matter of the contract or (2) there is no business purpose for entering into one contract rather than several.
The companies opting for EC Infosystems: American PowerNet, beginning operations in Illinois; Ambridge Energy, entering Texas; Titan Gas, entering New York; and Wasatch Energy, entering the California Core market.
2003-78 streamlined and standardized the process for entering into a closing agreement to establish an exemption from Sec.
It would be easy enough to applaud CART for entering new markets and offering sponsors and race promoters new venues to attract a broader fan base.
1] This problem goes beyond just the issue of entering persons into NCIC; it resonates to include fingerprinting and conducting wanted person checks on recently arrested individuals.
On occasion, when we had difficulty finding the right folder for entering data, we turned to GoSystem's drilldown facility: On the IRS forms screen, a right click on a field takes you directly to the appropriate place in the organizer -- a very handy aid.
A form unique to the needs of the user can be designed by entering the "Create a Data Base" part of the program.
A replay of the conference call will be available from October 23, 2006 through October 30, 2006 by webcast and by dialing (800) 642-1687 and entering the access code 9430435.