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Synonyms for entente

Synonyms for entente

an informal alliance between countries

a friendly understanding between political powers

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Des modifications a la School Act autorisent explicitement les 60 conseils scolaires de la Colombie-Britannique a conclure des ententes de prestation de services partages ou de nouveaux modes de prestation de services avec d'autres conseils ou entites du secteur public, et autorisent le ministre a obliger les districts scolaires a prendre part a de telles ententes.
Les relations economiques maroco-espagnoles devraient offrir un cadre favorable pour une entente durable (ministre)
Some of the cannons that were used in the war were destroyed when the last of the Entente powers left the Gallipoli Peninsula on Jan.
But unlike the anti-German entente a century ago, the aim is not to contain China.
For the Entente, an alliance with Bulgaria could greatly facilitate an attack on Constantinople and could support Serbia.
The Riyadh-Damascus entente began almost immediately after Saudi King Abdullah on Jan.
Entente Cordiale, who is owned by Newsells Park Stud, has a filly foal by the stud's resident Mount Nelson at foot and was covered by Pivotal this spring.
Richard McCombrenews the entente cordiale in a Birmingham suburb
They fought against a number of countries led by France, Russia and the British empire, teamed as the Entente powers.
How very entente and cordial that us mugs will be subsiding the French consumers' heating this winter.
In the battle, a Russian force was defeated when it tried to stop a Ukrainian leader from entering into an entente with Poland and Lithuania - with whom Russia had waged wars.
1904: Britain and France signed the Entente Cordiale, a mutual recognition of each other's colonial interests.
But the Nicolas Sarkozy visit has stirred within me the ashes of entente cordiale.
It's good to see that our visions are undimmed as we welcome a new entente aimable and put all our futures into the friendly French nuclear basket.
IN a week when Nicolas Sarkozy urged an "entente amicable" between Britain and France, Liverpool opted for an entente musicale.