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Synonyms for entangled

deeply involved especially in something complicated


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twisted together in a tangled mass

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involved in difficulties

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References in classic literature ?
These poor wretches were stunted in their growth, their hideous faces bedaubed with white paint, their skins filthy and greasy, their hair entangled, their voices discordant, and their gestures violent.
Entangled Memories: Remembering the Holocaust in a Global Age
MULTAN -- A young man driving a loader was killed after his shawl got entangled in its chain here at Masoom Shah road on Tuesday morning.
Entanglement would propagate through a group of atoms in dramatically less time, allowing scientists to build an entangled system exponentially faster than is common today.
A NORTHERN bottlenose whale has drowned off the coast of Scotland after becoming entangled in rope.
An entangled system is defined to be one whose quantum state cannot be factored as a product of states of its local constituents; that is to say, they are not individual particles but are an inseparable whole.
Howlett belonged to the Campobello Whale Rescue team and had participated in many whale rescue operations, most recently freeing an entangled whale on July 5.
KeedeRoll 100 is a geometrically shaped roll with entangled net bonded to fabric, which provides a fast, durable, and cost effective solution for tile installation.
Gibo said John Lee's body was found entangled with the roots of a Dakit tree located a kilometer away from where he was playing.
The researchers developed entangled elementary particles--in this case photons, the smallest units of light--to transmit information through a shared pair of entangled quantum state of photons.
Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek of MIT and colleague Jordan Cotler, now at Stanford University, provide evidence for what they call entangled histories in a paper posted online January 12 at arXiv.
In a rare case fishermen safely released a common bottlenose dolphin which was found entangled in tuna gillnet in offshore waters about 100 kilometers (km) south of Kund Malir along Balochistan coast.
BERLIN -- Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that Pakistan not lacking resources but the country has been entangled in problems.
New footage put together by an international team led by University of Cambridge researchers shows how entangled magnetic field lines looping from the Sun's surface slip around each other and lead to an eruption 35 times the size of the Earth and an explosive release of magnetic energy into space.
Al-Harban pointed out the team's divers are experienced enough to handle such entangled nets and remove them without harming the coral structure, carefully floating the main parts with small inflated devices before extracting the whole from the site.