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Synonyms for entailment

something that is inferred (deduced or entailed or implied)

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i], should include the hypernym, troponym and entailment of each [S.
The concluding section cautions against the compelling power of metaphor in orchestrating human congregation and segregation and articulates the entailments of this essay for scholars of communication, everyday consumers of corporate discourse, and Westerners with operations or aspirations in present-day China.
3) But if tension is due to information about the consequences of behavior, namely the avoidance of the painful entailments of tension, how can this be demonstrated?
In this case, the paraphrase relation can be looked at as a bidirectional entailment relation [19].
Absolute property--the ideological concomitant of "landscape" as a cultural invention--signifies a landscape removed from entailment in a network of wider (predominantly feudal) social obligation; removed that is to say, from duties of "stewardship.
Some people might suppose they can see an entailment here but they are wrong.
Table 2 Schematic representation of training and testing trial types for mutual entailment (MF) and combinatorial entailment (CE) in Phase 2 Participant Training trial types ME test trial types CE test trial types PI, P2.
NICE has been advancing this technology through the EXCITEMENT project Exploring Customer Interactions through Textual EntailMENT which was established within the framework of the European Commission FP7 program for research and innovation.
Some specific paper topics include a model for information fusion, a credit record driven QoS assurance mechanism for an SOC system, an online user authentication scheme for web-based services, and combining lexical resources with fuzzy set theory for recognizing textual entailment.
For some reason--perhaps the concept of entailment does not fit in MST--the authors do not use entailment relations to establish the dependency or independency of the apodosis in different types of conditionals.
Derrida explicitly confronts this predicament of ghostly entailment in one work from his voluminous writings, in a way that also allows us to say something about the relation between Derrida and romanticism, and, as is usually the case with Derrida, much more.
Jeff Pearce was worried that the drying ground might have turned against The Fun Merchant in the mile handicap, but Jimmy Quinn brought the fouryear-old from the back of the field up the stands' rail to come clear with Entailment, and he got the better of a driving finish by a head.
in press) Epistemological Development: An Implicit Entailment of Constructivist Learning Environments in Seel, N.
Mutual entailment simply means that if stimulus A is related in a specific way to stimulus B, then B is related in a complementary way to A.
He has a great capacity to write engagingly about complex personal experiences of ensnarement and entailment in Malay social life -- and an ability to find redemptive insight and meaning in them.