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(architecture) the structure consisting of the part of a classical temple above the columns between a capital and the roof

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Its Parthenon-inspired details included a deep entablature and a full front porch with oversized Doric columns that were made in Detroit and hauled by ox teams to Marshall.
In 1907, esteemed historian Dunbar Rowland referenced this Athenian-like edifice with these words: "The proportions of the columns and entablature of the portico are taken from the Grecian Iconic Temple on the Ilyssus near Athens.
Reduce the trees/to seeds, seeds to light apart from water and dirt:/no orchard then, no canvas, no stitches, no straps,/no pickers' sacks, no long-boned men aloft, no knees/nor crooks for knees, no telltale leaves, no breeze,/no harvest but memory of harvest, no sleet, no pedestal,/no entablature above which between and nothing rest.
Within the foyer of the US State Department's diplomatic entrance there once stood a marble tablet enclosed by a lighted entablature.
mosaic entablature behind sliding Shoji screens to a more casual area.
The pediment and entablature are supported by five large caryatids.
Cy- press blinds, great Tuscan columns, fine entablature, acanthus-leaf medallions, heavy walls (a fortress against weather), man- teled hearths .
The Temple being supposed to have represented the universe, the entablature round the inside of the structure may be conceived to have intimated the division between heaven and earth; the lights, those of the firmament; and all the plain surface of gold, that beautiful and terminate view a clear day exhibits to the eye: the cherubim above, and the pillars below, represented the inhabitants of heaven, and those of the earth; the first in their real shapes, the last hieroglyphically.
I closed the door behind me, shutting out the bondieuserie, the low ceiling, the chintz, the lambskin bindings, the views of Florence, the bowls of hyacinth and pot-pourri, the petit point, the intimate feminine, modern world, and was back under the coved and coffered roof, the columns and entablature of the central hall, in the august, masculine atmosphere of a better age.
Surviving decorative features include an entablature above the opera house's impressive columns detailing the places where Patti sang around the world and her favourite musicians and composers.
The classical elegance of this piece, ornamented with Greek-key banding and an open-pedimented entablature atop scrolled brackets, reflects the Palladian architecture popular at that time.
On the other side of the street, two columns 25 meters apart, one of which is joined to the neighboring wall by a rich entablature, are said to have been part of a kalybea, a religious building unique to this region.
Palisades Sill) and without the expected entablature of contorted joints.
Intricately carved Corinthian capitals of solid cypress over six feet high supported a large entablature.