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following or accompanying as a consequence

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A Proustian and a punner, Godard clearly intends "Avant-hier" to semantically slip into its near homologue, "Avenir" (Future); one is left with the sense that it is not the past but the past-as-future Godard posits here, a kind of anteroom of the ensuant in which we glimpse a new Dark Age on its way.
This article examines how pioneer African American filmmaker Oscar Micheaux, in his 1935 film Murder in Harlem, radically altered the traditional understanding of the 1913 murder of Mary Phagan and the ensuant trial, conviction, and lynching of Leo Frank.
We watched the news commentators talk about the sandstorm and the ensuant pause that took place, There was this pause--was this part of the plan?
Yet certain crucial questions remain underexplored: the male partners/husbands and ensuant offspring of the athletes are carefully chronicled, while female lifemates, evidence notwithstanding, are ignored.
What follows upon this dream--the novel proper--is not the description of a world in which the volcano has exploded but of a world from which such explosions, and the ensuant birth of "des jours sans parodies de vraie vie," are absent.