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Synonyms for enslave



Synonyms for enslave

to make subservient or subordinate

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make a slave of

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In spite of the longevity of enslaving activities that remained active until the last days of the century in the Sudan, Egypt, and the Ottoman Empire, very little is known about the experience of enslaved Africans who endured the agonies of captivity in those areas.
Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men, second edition
In many ways it is remarkable that no study has previously explored this topic, for Kennedy reveals logical and patent connections between childbirth and numerous prominent themes in antebellum Southern history, including ideas of race and the "one-drop" rule; the reproduction of slaves as human capital; the importance to elite white Southerners of parentage and bloodlines; the sexual abuse of female slaves by white men; the bonds of womanhood that served, at times--such as during delivery--to link enslaved and enslaving women; and the prevalence of black "mammies" who served a symbolic and ironic purpose in white Southerners' efforts to rationalize their own ideas of race, gender and slavery.
Lovejoy, Enslaving Connections: Changing Cultures of Africa and Brazil During the Era of Slavery (New York, 2004), pp.
Set in Oregon, THE PROTECTOR'S WAR tells of one former pilot Michael Havel's Bearkiller warriors and their struggle against a medieval scholar who rules the Protectorate--by enslaving civilians.