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Synonyms for enslave



Synonyms for enslave

to make subservient or subordinate

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make a slave of

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For Mather, to be a Christian and an enslaver was not a theological
She also recommends replacing "pork" with "pig flesh," "beef" with "cow flesh," "beef producer" with "cattle enslaver," and so on.
These biological policies are just contemporary incarnations of centuries-old practices honed by enslavers. Therefore, if enslaver practices offer contemporary scholars with an archetypical prefiguration of biopower, a (neo)liberal technology par excellence, then reconceptualizing American neoliberalism as a current manifestation of anteliberalism could open new inroads for interrogating the infuriatingly resilient southern myth.
A man who would become both savior and enslaver. A man from the woods.
Caption: Murderer, human rights abuser and enslaver of a nation, Fidel Castro is a liberal's iconic dream.
"They keep forgetting the onus was not on the enslaved, but the enslaver."
(In fantasies of democracy, the enslaver rescues the savage from barbarity, and the abolitionist saves the savage from the enslaver.
The insider added that the '4 Minutes' hitmaker shot back at the complaining audience saying that she was texting due to business and called them "enslaver".
But Mulk Raj Anand's Untouchable (1939), Barrows suggests, "finds fault with the 'enslaver's' use of technology, but not with the machine itself, infinitely malleable as it is to culturally and nationally nonsynchronous demands" (147).
Books one and three are in the voice of Doris, while book two is the narrative of her blak owner Chief Kaga Konata Katamba Blonde Roots offers thus the complementary perspectives on slavery and the Black Atlantic of the enslaver and the enslaved, in this case Chief Katamba and Doris/Omerenomwara.
In Arabic, he and his group chant: "Hands that degrade and hurt a small child trying to free himself from the enslaver, the conqueror who came and conquered our lives, ruined the colors of our hope.
The piece is set in Atlantis, whose ruler was characterized by ancient writers as a tyrannical enslaver. The analogy to Nazi German was obvious to the guards at Theresienstadt, where it was composed, and they suppressed it after the dress rehearsal before deporting its creators.
The institution became a more restricted slave system from that under the Dutch, and exacerbated by increased volatility between the enslaved and enslaver on already highly contested ground.
Wheatley was named by and after her Boston enslaver, a distinction readers should never ignore despite her being the first African American woman to publish a book in the colonial US.
In doing so, he becomes the enslaver of Othello when he taps into Othello's fear that marriage brings with it a form of servitude (72).