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Synonyms for enslave



Synonyms for enslave

to make subservient or subordinate

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make a slave of

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For me to proclaim anyone emancipated requires me to own the authority to enslave that person, which I reject.
PLANO, Texas -- How easy is it to enslave someone's computer?
I appreciate the past work, but the new lazy boy proto doom-ridden solos approach enslave me.
YOU MAY BE among those who believe Hitler will send his hordes and machines against our own shores and enslave us as he has enslaved others, unless he is stopped.
The human spirit longs for liberation, not just economic and political liberation, important as these are, but also inner liberation from the down-drag of base instincts: hate, bitterness, greed and lust which all too easily enslave us.
One of PETA's examples is showing the similarities between how fairly recently in our country we enslave Blacks and how we enslave elephants today in circus acts.
She discovers that Bellevue School is haunted and while it is a place to learn French in three dimensions, it is also Uraniborg Castle, home of the "Mayor" who is trying to enslave Mardy and her brother Alan, whose fetch lies in a coma.
She hacks into a slave headband to enslave Monkey and link them together - if she dies, he dies.
Karl Marx understood "free trade" better than the "free traders" of today when he said back in 1848: "When you place a free man in competition with a slave you enslave the free man.
Loot cattle, rape and kill civilians, and abduct and enslave men, women and children.
Equiano recounts that he is moved by his fellow's "artless tale," vaguely suggesting that he endorses the the ological perspective here, one that reinforces the way Christianity has frequently worked in concert with political systems that enslave and oppress by urging earthly patience and heavenly hope as a response to immediate injustice (110).