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fodder harvested while green and kept succulent by partial fermentation as in a silo


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The aim of this study was to determine whether TP could be preserved for a long time as a livestock diet by ensilaging and to examine the LAB in tomato pomace silage (TPS) that are most likely to have significant functions in the fermentation process.
From a microbiology point of view, therefore, ensilaging TP in this study has been successful as it witnessed a simultaneous time-dependent increase and decrease in desirable and undesirable microbial populations respectively.
Given the chemical composition and fermentation characteristics of TPS, therefore, ensilaging TP to preserve it would be an economic way of producing a highly nutritive livestock forage alternative.
This indicated that TP can be well preserved by ensilaging.
This study has demonstrated that TP could be well preserved by ensilaging as evident in the virtual maintenance of its original color and the minimal content of unwanted microbes (such as Clostridia and molds) during and at the end of the storage.