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Synonyms for enshrine

Synonyms for enshrine

enclose in a shrine

hold sacred

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In his famous Lochner dissent, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes lambasted his colleagues for enshrining "an economic theory which a large part of the country does not entertain.
And will enshrining Christianity as the continent's religion really lead to an increase in church attendance?
Oh yes--the reason given for the EU's own actions is the "precautionary principle," which the EU is busily enshrining in every treaty and agreement relating to health, safety, and the environment so that it can be a guiding principle of international law.
Louis's motivations are perfectly comprehensible: what active choreographer would want to be entirely dedicated to enshrining another's work?
In his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee today, Rubin said that he would affirm the administration's commitment to balance the budget by 2002 - but that he would also warn of ``the many, many risks'' of enshrining such a balance in the Constitution.
However, Auping chose to adhere to the standard retrospective format, concentrating on stylistic and chronological developments, thereby enshrining and isolating the work.
At the opening of the session, the Commission of Constitutional Authorities' report was read out, pointing out notably that consensus was reached as regards enshrining in the Constitution the authorities for the elections, Human rights, media regulation, governance and anti-corruption fight, sustained development and future generations' rights.
In February last year, the Osaka District Court turned down a similar lawsuit that called for Yasukuni Shrine to stop enshrining 11 servicemen and civilian employees.
Koichi Kato, former LDP secretary general, said in the same TV program that enshrining Class-A war criminals separately from other war dead, as China demands, or establishing another memorial facility is the only way to solve the Yasukuni issue.
The Osaka District Court on Thursday turned down a lawsuit that called for the war-linked Yasukuni Shrine in central Tokyo to stop enshrining 11 servicemen and civilian employees of the former imperial Japanese forces.