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Synonyms for enshrine

Synonyms for enshrine

enclose in a shrine

hold sacred

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The statement said the shrine "glorifies Japan's wars of aggression that caused huge loses and pain to the peoples of neighboring countries and enshrines its war criminals.
Treasury Economic Secretary Ian Pearson said: "The Fiscal Responsibility Bill enshrines the Government's consolidation plans in legislation.
If political leaders pressure the shrine to enshrine Class-A war criminals separately, they would be violating the principle of the separation of state and religion under the Constitution.
What supreme irony that the very concept our former Prime Minister strove to oppose is actually attempting to enshrine Thatcherism as a legal requirement across the EU.
A 1997 law enshrines Orthodox Christianity as Russia's predominant religion and pledges toleration of Buddhism, Islam and Judaism.
It enshrines the public's right to vote without council interference.
It has been a source of controversy because it enshrines 14 World War II Class-A war criminals.
Set up in 1869 by imperial command and receiving its current name 10 years later, Yasukuni enshrines nearly 2.
Koizumi's planned visit to Yasukuni Shrine, which enshrines war criminals, on Aug.