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Synonyms for enshrine

Synonyms for enshrine

enclose in a shrine

hold sacred

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I would like to request the bishops of Japan to grant me the privilege of having Blessed Takayama enshrined in my parish," said Mayugba before the end of the Mass.
The associations' resolution said: 'KBA also demanded that the encounters carried out in the name of self-defence amounted to frustrate the due process of law and fundamental rights as enshrined in the constitution of Pakistan as such all the police officials involved in the above nefarious act including SP Rao Anwar shall immediately be dismissed from service and criminal proceeding should be initiated against them'.
She said the planning tools would be enshrined in law and other areas of the workforce would be assessed to see if they would benefit from similar measures.
Unlike during the campaign, when he shrugged off criticisms of such remarks, as President he would be expected to demonstrate strong and faithful adherence to the principles enshrined in the Magna Carta for Women and to all the laws of the land.
The fact is that the EU code of law which is now over our laws is the opposite of the freedoms enshrined in Magna Carta, our Bill of Rights (1689) and Habeas Corpus (1679).
This new UK will have a written constitution and bill of rights enshrined in British law, written in ordinary English that students can learn at school and immigrants can read when they settle here.
In her statement on 27th October Kashmir Day, she highlighted the fact that right to self determination had been enshrined as one of the basic principles of the UN Charter and the principle enshrined in UNSC and UNCIP Resolutions on Kashmir.
Summary: Migrant domestic workers Monday asked Lebanese authorities to protect their rights enshrined in international conventions.
Wade, the watershed court case that enshrined abortion rights in US law, came in January.
Specifically, he said, the intensifying maritime disputes in Asia should be resolved on the basis of the norms and rules enshrined in the 1982 U.
Residents vowed during packed meetings of Charterhouse Residents Association to set up a protest camp there if shared use was not enshrined in law.
The remains are scheduled to be enshrined in Hong Kong from April 25 to 30, and will then be sent to Macao for public worship until May 4.
The decision angered the ultra-conservative Salafists in Tunisia, who havebeen pushing for sharia to be enshrined in the constitution and staged anumber of demonstrations to press their demands.
Ognian Stoichkov from nationalist party Ataka argued that such measuers are not fit to be constitutionally enshrined, and further that they could adversely affect areas of public spending such as education.
It is therefore welcome that certain peers are keen for parliament to take control and push for the critical retail planning principles to be enshrined in the Localism Bill itself.