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to cover with blood

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O'Brien (1996) accused that Jefferson, early in his life, embraced of anarchic liberty, in which any effort, even an ensanguined one, to procure liberty was justified.
The disposition of the producer and the eye of the camera severely prevent that the subject matter be treated as an ensanguined historically traumatic event.
Behind another chariot drags the erstwhile hero, the ensanguined black hair of that once-charming head now hoar with dust.
but with a sudden hand Made bare his branded and ensanguined brow, Which was like Cain's or Christ's--Oh
Now let us take a view of our knight, who, among his other adventures, II, 58, discovered the image of the patron of Spain--de las Espanas--on horseback, his sword ensanguined, trampling on Moors, and walking on their heads.
Warren's discovery of Italy's bloody history through his reading of Dante in Italian led him to "the vision of an ensanguined Eden which characterizes his version of the romance of southern history.
And what flutes its ensanguined stems would make, to be used in such a dance