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Synonyms for enrol



Synonyms for enrol

register formally as a participant or member

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He said the drive to raise the number of school goers in Islamabad was in full swing and every child attaining the age of education would be enrolled in the city's schools by the end of this year.
In pre-primary education, there are 1,3 million students are enrolled, 11,6 million are enrolled in primary education, and 4,8 million are enrolled in preparatory education, while 3,574 million are enrolled in secondary education, with168,000 enrolled in community and special education, with 2,985m enrolled in all institutions of higher education, (universities and institutes) and about half of them are females.
In the second phase, 4,374 children between eight and 12-years-of-age will be enrolled from April 6 to April 20.
He said as many as 960, 688 children had already been enrolled in the public schools of Balochistan.
The senator explained that the Senate adopted en toto the House bill abolishing the Road Board and the enrolled bill just needs to be transmitted to the President for signature.
As many as 225,000 children have already been enrolled in the first three years of the programme and further 200,000 children are projected to be enrolled by the end of 2020.
Hyderabad -- In hope to revive the vanished glory public schools and fulfilling his promise made in Sindh Assembly, provincial minister for education, Sardar Ali Shah has enrolled his only daughter in government school of Hyderabad.
Islamabad -- The Higher Education Commission (HEC), finally showing flexibility, has conditionally decided to recognise the degrees of the graduates enrolled at Al-Khair University and its affiliated institutes, but the fresh admissions in all programs of the university will remain banned, Friday.
Provinces enrolled in the program would be covered for two years, with 10 new provinces enrolled in the program every year.
At present, he said, there were 5,567 feeder schools working with 6,229 teachers and 272,289 students enrolled in the adult literacy centres established by the commission.
PESHAWAR: TheKhyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) annual statistical report of the government schools for 2017-18 stated that around 37,015 specially-abled students have enrolled in government schools in the province, however, around the same numbers of specially-abled students are currently out-of-schools across the province.
The number of these centres has reached 26, which is spread in all governorates of the sultanate where there were 1,994 children enrolled by the end of 2016.
This year, the net primary enrolment rate is estimated at 94.8%, meaning that 94.8% of 6-12 years old are enrolled in the primary education program.
Increasing first-year intake by 24, Plymouth University enrolled a total of 82 students onto its optometry degree for the 2016-17 academic year, up from 58 in 2015-16.