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  • verb

Synonyms for enrich

make rich


  • make rich
  • make wealthy
  • make affluent
  • make prosperous
  • make well-off

Synonyms for enrich

to make fertile

Antonyms for enrich

make wealthy or richer


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watchdog on Monday that it would start enriching uranium to 20 percent from Tuesday.
Iran has earlier informed the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that it would start enriching uranium to 20 percent on Tuesday in the presence of the inspectors and observers from the agency.
Until recently, however, no one had done a systematic study of the benefits of fully enriching the rooms in which people live, work, and sleep at high altitudes.
Tehran, May 26 (ANI): The International Atomic Energy Agency has found evidence at an underground bunker in Iran of scientists having moved closer to enriching uranium to the level needed to produce nuclear weapons.
Iranian experts produced the fuel rod for the Tehran research reactor in December after enriching uranium to the purity level of 20% and it took them almost a month to carry out the initial tests.
Summary: TEHRAN: Iran agreed Monday to a key big power demand, saying it was ready to ship much of its low-enriched uranium abroad - but immediately rolled out a new obstacle to compromise on its nuclear program by insisting it would continue enriching to higher levels.
Ever since Iran started enriching uranium in defiance of UN resolutions, western diplomats have highlighted the technological obstacles facing the country, arguing that they provided time to deal with the dispute over Tehran's nuclear programme.
PWR nuclear power plants are fueled by uranium enriched to 3 percent, which can only be done at KRL, which is currently exclusively used for enriching uranium to a weapons grade level of 90 percent.
Consequently, methods for enriching uranium and separating isotopes have usually relied on differences in mass to achieve a separation.
AME, on the other hand, attempts to improve primary education by enriching teacher education.
The Islamic Republic moved its centrifuges enriching uranium to 20 percent to a site inside a mountain this week, garnering worldwide attention and charges that it was engaging in a major escalation.
After western suppliers shrugged off Iran's request for the supply of nuclear fuel for the Tehran research reactor, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ordered the AEOI to provide and install the necessary equipments to start enriching uranium to the purity level of 20% to feed the research reactor which produces radioisotopes for medicinal use.
Last week, DOE also decided to concentrate its future research and development effort on a laser technique for enriching uranium.
Everything we do is geared toward enriching the lives of our rapidly growing independent sales force.
In a huge concession, the United States says it can agree to Iran enriching uranium in the future if Iran can establish that no uranium is being diverted to weaponry.