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the union of Greece and Cyprus (which is the goal of a group of Greek Cypriots)

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The British were aware that enosis was anathema to Turkey too.
The enosis decision of the Greek Cypriot Parliament, the attitude displayed in the settlement negotiations by Greece together with the Greek Cypriot Administration on the Security and Guarantees issue, as well as this most recent statement by the Greek Foreign Minister, all draw attention to their true intentions on the Cyprus issue.
With the negative stance of the Church towards the Annan Plan, the long-standing Enosis project was finally recalled (p.
On February 26, 1981, in an interview with Greek newspaper Eleftherotypia, Sampson said: "Had Turkey not intervened, I would not only have proclaimed Enosis, I would have annihilated the Turks in Cyprus".
Turkey contemplated using its constitutional right granted to it in the new Republics constitution to stop the civil war on the island but was forced not to exercise the option by USA who was also a supporter of Enosis of the island with Greece.
Por curioso que parezca, esa crisis empezo por Grecia, pais con el que comparte historia y tradicion y al que ahora Chipre tiene que unirse para compartir el rescate bancario de su ex companero de la Enosis.
Anargyroi Greek Orthodox Church and a member of the Enosis Society.
However, reluctant to share power and pursuing a policy of Enosis (Union) with Greece, Greek Cypriots soon expelled Turkish Cypriots from power and terrorised and ghettoised them.
Al Ain are currently on a training camp in Austria where they are still to play friendlies against Enosis Neon Paralimni (August 5) and Azerbaijan's U-23 team (August 6).
He took a leading role in the campaign for enosis (union) with Greece.
Nicodemus was the undisputed leader of the enosis movement which was strongly supported by the Greek Consul Kyrou.
Eoka's cause in the '50s was Enosis - the union of Cyprus with mainland Greece.
And `Turkish army officers can still remember the enosis (forced union) of 1913 that joined Crete to mainland Greece, with its expulsion of Muslim Turks and subsequent Hellenization of the island.
The present day conflict, however, has its roots embedded even further back than 1963 -- in fact, as long ago as May 1948, when George Grivas, a semi-retired colonel in the Greek army, and a Cypriot by birth, decided to lead a revolutionary force on Cyprus with the intention of overthrowing the British administration and thereafter declaring enosis, the union of Cyprus with Greece.
ENOSIS provides a tightly bound interface to M/MUMPS(M), the programming language used in nearly 50 percent of today's healthcare information management systems.