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Synonyms for enmeshed

Synonyms for enmeshed

caught as if in a mesh


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Therefore, unlike previous versions of the FACES, the FACES IV presents six subscales: two balanced ones (cohesion and flexibility) measuring moderate regions, and four unbalanced ones (rigid, chaotic, enmeshed and disengaged), measuring the upper and lower ends of cohesion and flexibility.
Enmeshed families, by contrast, may be emotionally involved and display modest amounts of warmth, but they struggle with high levels of hostility, destructive meddling, and a limited sense of the family as a team.
The West Wales author's third Ben Hope novel follows his superhero as he attempts to rescue a fair maiden enmeshed in a sinister conspiracy, surviving against fearsome odds while leaving dead bodies strewn in his wake.
Deprived of his father during a family overland trek to California, and enmeshed in a blood feud engulfing post-Reconstruction Texas, Ringo earned his reputation as one of the deadliest gunfighters alive.
The politics of succession and kinship politics was so enmeshed in the Northern Dynasties, he says, that they are now essentially indistinguishable, though by the Tang era, they had become more distinct.
In the second of four consecutive home matches, Nuneaton failed to repeat last week's victory and therefore remain enmeshed in the relegation battle after being defeated by three tries to one.
Under Blair and Brown the country was already in a state of constant flux due to the introduction of hundreds of new laws and initiatives that merely add to the chaos in which this government has enmeshed itself.
As they involve themselves into solving a kidnap caper, the two become enmeshed a a world of family secrets, Cuban thugs, a gun-toting philosopher, a CIA agent, and a group of shadowy people plotting the overthrow of the Cuban government.
Chapters address how to overcome the inertia that keeps one enmeshed in failed habits and choices, reject egoistic self-deception, orchestrate a series of realistic, well-chosen goals, and reinvent oneself for the better.
You think of old Paul Scheerbart and that glass architecture stuff--and that LED enmeshed Hotel Habitat by Eric Ruiz-Geli.
Describing himself as "something of a geek," Kelso says it's clear that technology cooperation will be essential to overcoming those staffing, cost-inflation, and reimbursement crises in which long-term care is perpetually enmeshed.
Kansas has been enmeshed in a struggle over teaching evolution since 1998, when candidates who favored teaching creationism won a majority on the Board of Education.
But Moriarty sets the enmeshed 'assignments' in such a way that they seem a large puzzle for the reader, who must be patient to see how the pieces eventually fit together.
Once the hundreds of formerly sovereign nations of the world are politically enmeshed in various regional entities--the European Union, a North American Union, a Middle East Union, etc.
The campus has been enmeshed in strife for months over the creation of a Chicano Studies program.