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Synonyms for enlivening

Synonyms for enlivening

giving spirit and vivacity


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Significant voices emerged unfussily by turns, continually enlivening a lesser JS Bach Trio Sonata, Telemann's deft and pert Second Suite from his Paris Quartet Collection, and an almost improvisatory response to a lovely Trio Sonata by CPE Bach.
We have brought back requests for the twinning of specific congregations which will be another way of further enlivening the link between our nations,' he reported.
However, mixed use is vital to the health of cities and has a crucial role to play in animating and enlivening the urban realm.
The relationships I know of, including my own of 12 years, are enlivening, enriching, and fulfilling.
We are strong believers in designing schools that serve as anchors for their communities, enlivening them through multiple uses by students, teachers, staff and people in the neighborhood," Ciardullo says.
The turbulence of their early working relationship and courtship sounds like the drama of a Petit ballet, and they discuss it with an enlivening dry humor and playfulness.
Highlighting the brand's Southwestern heritage and core message of enlivening food and mood with salsa, this partnership serves as the foundation for a full turn-key campaign that introduces consumers to "trailgating" -- a style of cooking that combines the authenticity of cowboy-style chuck wagon trail cooking with the time-honored tradition of tailgate barbecuing.
A long-time advocate of liberating students to allow their musicality to emerge, Westney offers AMT some provocative and exciting ideas for enlivening lessons.