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Synonyms for enlivening

Synonyms for enlivening

giving spirit and vivacity


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Pedestalled and in bronze she might have stood with the noblest of her heroic sisters as "Liver-and-Bacon Enlivening the World.
Dances and marches are performed alternately, to the enlivening strains of a piano; and now and then some gentleman or lady (whose proficiency has been previously ascertained) obliges the company with a song: nor does it ever degenerate, at a tender crisis, into a screech or howl; wherein, I must confess, I should have thought the danger lay.
Pott was dwelling upon this and other matters, enlivening the conversation from time to time with various extracts from his own lucubrations, a stern stranger, calling from the window of a stage-coach, outward bound, which halted at the inn to deliver packages, requested to know whether if he stopped short on his journey and remained there for the night, he could be furnished with the necessary accommodation of a bed and bedstead.
In place of enlivening his patron with a constant fire of wit or the cheerful rattle of his quarter-staff on the heads of his relations and acquaintance, here was that beaming Punch utterly devoid of spine, all slack and drooping in a dark box, with his legs doubled up round his neck, and not one of his social qualities remaining.
The turbulence of their early working relationship and courtship sounds like the drama of a Petit ballet, and they discuss it with an enlivening dry humor and playfulness.
Highlighting the brand's Southwestern heritage and core message of enlivening food and mood with salsa, this partnership serves as the foundation for a full turn-key campaign that introduces consumers to "trailgating" -- a style of cooking that combines the authenticity of cowboy-style chuck wagon trail cooking with the time-honored tradition of tailgate barbecuing.
A long-time advocate of liberating students to allow their musicality to emerge, Westney offers AMT some provocative and exciting ideas for enlivening lessons.
The editors carry on the tradition begun by teacher Eliot Wigginton of enlivening the compendium with dialect anecdotes and interviews that recover ethnic customs.
Apparently, at the Sainsbury Wing of the National Gallery, 'one of the great buildings of the last half of the twentieth century', the Venturis were concerned with 'aspects of meaningful symbol and enlivening detail'.
Geuze is acquiring a reputation for inventive, contemporary landscape design capable of enlivening unpromising city sites; his regeneration of Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam (AR January 1998), for instance, imaginatively combined hard landscaping with a series of animated light sculptures.