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Synonyms for enlivened

made sprightly or cheerful

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made lively or spirited


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The picture of human life in the market-place, though its general tint was the sad gray, brown, or black of the English emigrants, was yet enlivened by some diversity of hue.
About thirty miles above Point Vancouver the mountains again approach on both sides of the river, which is bordered by stupendous precipices, covered with the fir and the white cedar, and enlivened occasionally by beautiful cascades leaping from a great height, and sending up wreaths of vapor.
Gambling was here in profusion, and dancing in plenty: feasting was there to fill with delight that great gourmand of a Jos: there was a theatre where a miraculous Catalani was delighting all hearers: beautiful rides, all enlivened with martial splendour; a rare old city, with strange costumes and wonderful architecture, to delight the eyes of little Amelia, who had never before seen a foreign country, and fill her with charming surprises: so that now and for a few weeks' space in a fine handsome lodging, whereof the expenses were borne by Jos and Osborne, who was flush of money and full of kind attentions to his wife--for about a fortnight, I say, during which her honeymoon ended, Mrs.
He was besides active, genteel, gay, and good-humoured; and had a flow of animal spirits which enlivened every conversation where he was present.
It's a film that somehow makes its preposterous construct into a dull slog, enlivened only by the occasional appearance of a bulldog possessing the most menacing stare this side of Dirty Harry.
A confessed Judy Garland fan, she opens with a light, gleeful rendition of "Get Happy," enlivened by a small brass ensemble.
Where Cording casts his light, surprising enlivened details spring into being.
Internal surfaces are simply sealed with clear varnish and rear walls enlivened by artist Thomas Latzel-Ochoa's paintings.
This simple plot line is much enlivened by its historical context and Shakespeare's first-person narration.
SPANISH ALL-IN-ONE extends the lessons of SPANISH GUARANTEED to offer more depth and detail, more cds, and a foundation of basic vocabulary and phrases enlivened by music.
Birmingham Chamber Music Society has enlivened its onetime predictable programming with more adventurous material in recent years, and Saturday night's concert brought a welcome foray into baroque period performance.
The text is enlivened by anecdotes that define the characters and their achievements.
The whole is enlivened and spiced by the eclectic addition of stripes - pinstripe to Regency - and checks from ginghams to woven tweed styles.
Pataki, enlivened the opening ceremony by deliberately calling him "Patta-key"--twice.
Its pages are enlivened by short first person vignettes showing how decisions and actions affected rank and file members.