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the act of getting recruits

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We are being informed by political administration, FATA Secretariat and intelligence agencies officails pertaining to military action in FATA and then ordered to establish enlisting centers for displaced persons, she informed.
It found the risk of death to those enlisting at 16 from 1999-00 to 2008-09 was 1.
The other purported details can readily be found among the pages of any romance novel: the brave waif enlisting in order to escape a loveless arranged marriage.
He said the girls had consulted with both men about enlisting in the Army and had had numerous contacts with them at school.
In 1979, Thomas considered enlisting in the Air Force.
Smokey shoveled coal on railroad steam engines prior to enlisting in the Navy, and became a pilot on his own time using his meager Navy pay to buy commercial flying lessons.
According to the April 4th Wall Street Journal, the Marines have recruited heavily from among foreign nationals: Out of a force of 175,000, 7,331 are not yet citizens of the United States and 5,416 became citizens after enlisting.
The Congressional investigators found recruiters forging high-school diplomas and concealing criminal and medical records of recruits, enlisting undocumented immigrants, encouraging cheating by applicants on aptitude tests, and luring prospective enlistees with promises that could not be kept.
In this special report, you'll get details on initiatives and interventions for decreasing non-urgent ED use, mining data to target high-utilization, high-cost individuals, implementing an ED case management program, communicating proper ED use to targeted populations and enlisting physicians' support in care redirection and appropriate ED use.