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Synonyms for enlist

Synonyms for enlist

to become a member of

Synonyms for enlist

join the military

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hire for work or assistance


engage somebody to enter the army

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Enlistees, 1976-1997: Self-Selection Versus Socialization," Armed Forces and Society 26, no.
Joshua Angrist studied a cohort of early enlistees in the all-volunteer force (enlisted from 1976 to 1982) and used Social Security data to compare their earnings to that of a control group that consisted of military applicants who did not enlist.
Captain Thenault (Jean Reno) welcomes the American enlistees to a close-knit unit: "The life expectancy for pilots around here is three to six weeks.
Captain Thenault (Jean Reno) welcomes the American enlistees to Lafayette Escadrille, a close-knit unit equipped with the latest Nieuport 17 planes, led by Reed Cassidy (Martin Henderson).
Captain Thenault (Reno) welcomes the American enlistees to Lafayette Escadrille, a unit equipped with the latest Nieuport 17 planes, led by Reed Cassidy (Henderson).
Erick Hoversholm, a USAREC programs branch chief, said SRAPs bring their real-world war experiences to prospective recruits, lending credibility to what they tell potential enlistees.
This program only applies to new enlistees who fill critical specialties.
The current generation of enlistees is more technically adept than those of his generation.
Of 32 steps taken to recruit new enlistees, subject matter experts from the Recruiting and Accessions Command determined that only 11 were value added.
This is a startling number; however, it's a comparative success story over the previous year when nearly 25 per cent of all enlistees disappeared
At urgent points in the early stages of the war, unarmed enlistees who were being prepared for strategic deployment remained naked in gray.
Light-skinned soldiers, former slaves who had been engaged in non-field occupations, men from large plantations, and enlistees from urban areas were less likely to contract diseases and/or to die from disease while in service than, respectively, dark-skinned soldiers, field hands, men from small farms, and enlistees from rural areas.
It's easy to see why the government is offering more money to new enlistees, said Eugene doctor Paul Qualtere-Burcher, who was arrested on a misdemeanor trespassing charge in November at the Army Recruitment Office near Churchill High School in Eugene as part of a protest against the U.
Bartlit, provide readers with the story New Mexico's involvement in the second world war as reflected in the stories provided through personal interviews of Navajo Marine privates, National Guard enlistees, Japanese American internees, and the men and women who worked in the wartime Special Engineer Detachment at Los Alamos fabricating the atomic bomb.
In 2005, 97 active duty enlistees were sought locally, but just 56 signed up.