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Synonyms for enlist

Synonyms for enlist

to become a member of

Synonyms for enlist

join the military

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hire for work or assistance


engage somebody to enter the army

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The Army brass argues it can't be held responsible for the behavior of all its enlistees.
In the fiscal year ending in September 2003, the Army signed up 917 new enlistees in greater Oregon, spokesman Gary Stauffer said.
would pay the full cost of tuition, fees and books for four academic years for four-year enlistees.
The Pentagon discharged 1,145 enlistees in 1998 for being gay or lesbian, an increase of 148 over the previous year.
AFSA's membership is comprised of the TOTAL Air Force enlistees, both active, retired, and veteran enlisted members of all grades, including Air Force Active Duty, Air National Guard, and AF Reserve Command, and offers an Auxiliary program for family members of Air Force personnel.
WASHINGTON -- The Senate approved an appropriation bill for the military for fiscal year 2008 that would, give the Army, Navy and Air Force $1 million each to start pilot programs to turn enlistees into nursing teachers.
The top school, the University of Wisconsin at Madison with 142 enlistees last year, has an enrollment of almost 42,000.
Many of the noncitizen enlistees joined our nation's armed forces out of love for what they hoped would become their adopted homeland.
But Suro stressed that, when undocumented persons and those without a high school education were factored out, Latino enlistees accounted for 11.
The number of enlistees scoring in the top half of the armed forces qualification tests has dropped by a third since the mid-1990s.
VFW Director of Employment Jim Magill says that a permanent licensing and certification program for transitioning vets could be an inducement for prospective enlistees.
In an August study of more than 200 Army enlistees, only 36% "strongly disagreed" with allowing gay men and lesbians to serve openly.
Under terms of the agreement between USAREC and Accenture, enlistees interested in gaining specific job training and qualifications will receive that training while in the U.
The "Accelerate to Excellence" program allows Navy enlistees to obtain an associate degree as part of their initial training while in the Delayed Entry Program.
In the film, Chamberlain's brother Thomas reacts to news of the "Emancipation Proclamation" by correctly pointing out that most of the Northern enlistees had joined up to save the Union, rather than to fight on behalf of people they derisively called "darkies.