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He discusses race relations and the cultural blending between the American enlisted man and the women in the countries where he served.
King, having learned of the adultery from the enlisted man, confronts Chaplain White (Chris Bauer), who had sent the young man to him.
By the 1990s, the average enlisted man or woman had substantially higher test scores and more years in uniform than in 1973, when the draft ended (though not necessarily higher scores than during the 1950s, when many more college-grade men were drafted).
Just days before he was due to be discharged, an enlisted man invited him to his room for a drink.
He was an enlisted man on the staff at West Point when we did an experiment there in 1975.
The young enlisted man, affectionately known as "Pits," was nearing his 300th combat mission.
During a reenactment, Campbell plays the role of a Union enlisted man with the 14th Indiana, the 6th Ohio or the 2nd Vermont, and sports different uniforms for each unit.
He goes on to make military history and by the time he retires, earns the title of Master Diver and Master Chief, the Navy's highest rank for an enlisted man.
He is a retired Navy Supply Corps officer and a former enlisted man in the U.
They all concern the British enlisted man, the soldier who defends the British Empire but is scorned because of his low birth.
The hospital Sergeant Major, the senior enlisted man, was brimming over with energy and ready to get people working.
Cooper's ship was commanded by Captain Boda, a "Mustang," a long-serving enlisted man who received a "battlefield" commission.
This is the account of an enlisted man, an ordinary soldier, but he had a sharp eye and an even sharper wit and a sincere devotion to disregard for authority, a combination which served him well as a coping mechanism as he moved across the Mississippi theater of war.
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