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Hudachek and Powell clashed over a series of events, most notably how to handle the dismissal of an officer who was having an affair with the wife of an enlisted man.
This came across in the movie and helped send a powerful message about the professionalism of the enlisted man in Vietnam.
Wright joined the Air Force in 1973 as an enlisted man and served until 1979.
As an enlisted man and a commissioned officer, Blizzard has served in nearly every command echelon in the Army.
Beecroft's background includes serving in the Canadian Airborne and Scottish regiments as an enlisted man and as an officer in various United Nations commands during and after the Korean conflict.
Her tenure in the Navy lasted less than a year because she fell in love with an enlisted man.
Ka'iliwai grew up as the son of a career enlisted man.
The wives of many of these men were soon looking for financial help to make up for the difference in civilian pay and that of an enlisted man.
One of the crew members giving tours, Petty Officer Christopher King, said he would have liked to have taken a tour like this when he was younger, instead of taking his first step aboard a ship as an enlisted man.
Flynn and LeBlanc first met in 1979 when both worked at a naval base in San Diego, he as an enlisted man and she as a civilian.
Notably, he was the only enlisted man among the dozens waiting to drop into the heart of German forces.
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