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Synonyms for enlist

Synonyms for enlist

to become a member of

Synonyms for enlist

join the military

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hire for work or assistance


engage somebody to enter the army

References in classic literature ?
This stake they accepted, so that Turan was sure of possessing Tara if his side was victorious, but he knew that these men would fight even more valorously for chivalry than for money, nor was it difficult to enlist the interest even of the Gatholians in the service of the princess.
Arthur, if you're not a good boy I shall give you a glass of wine,' or 'Now, Arthur, if you say that again you shall have some brandy-and-water,' is as good as any other threat; and once or twice, when he was sick, I have obliged the poor child to swallow a little wine-and-water without the tartar-emetic, by way of medicine; and this practice I intend to continue for some time to come; not that I think it of any real service in a physical sense, but because I am determined to enlist all the powers of association in my service; I wish this aversion to be so deeply grounded in his nature that nothing in after-life may be able to overcome it.
And that was how I came to enlist, which was a black spot upon my character at the best of times, and would still be a sore job for me if I fell among the red-coats.
I'd enlist myself, by--; but I'm a broken old man--ruined by that damned scoundrel--and by a parcel of swindling thieves in this country whom I made, sir, and who are rolling in their carriages now," he added, with a break in his voice.
No, Bunny, we go out to the Cape on our own, and that's where we enlist.
For, after all, nothing was easier than to say nothing about it unless, indeed, he were trying, under a crazy misapprehension of your true sentiments, to enlist your assistance--eh, Mr.
One of them, a carter in a smockfrock, seemed wavering and disposed to enlist.
I believe I shall enlist in your regiment to-night.
Owners of already constructed infrastructure are obliged to enlist 40 percent of their infrastructure in the Cadaster Agency by April next year, and by April 2018 to fully enlist all infrastructure and receive property lists, announced Chief of Cadaster Slavce Trpeski.
A lot of the young people I talk to want to enlist in the military instead of just sitting around and doing nothing," Harris said.
Silver warns that pigeons are a red flag indicating neglect, and "a wake-up call to owners and managers to enlist the services of a company that takes a pro-active approach to servicing and protecting your building systems and water quality.
After all, kids who participate in Junior ROTC during high school are much more likely than their classmates to enlist.
The base chemistry in the Enlist system is the most extensively studied herbicide in American agriculture, and our most recent data confirms that our new innovative formulation will enable farmers to keep troublesome weeds under control," says Mark Peterson, global biology leader for the Enlist system, Dow AgroSciences.
Mazer, a WW II vet who lied about his age to enlist, convincingly depicts the brutality of training and war, and concludes with a historical note on the bloody battle for Okinawa.
The Enlist E3 soybean event developed by the companies includes, for the first time, three herbicide tolerance genes stacked together as part of a single genetic event in the soybean genome.