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Synonyms for enlightenment

Synonyms for enlightenment

the condition of being informed spiritually

Synonyms for enlightenment

education that results in understanding and the spread of knowledge

(Hinduism and Buddhism) the beatitude that transcends the cycle of reincarnation

a movement in Europe from about 1650 until 1800 that advocated the use of reason and individualism instead of tradition and established doctrine

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By the book's end, with its scathing rejection of Jonathan Israel's three-volume argument for Spinoza's ideas as the heart of the Enlightenment, one realizes Ferrone has written a classic--brilliant, learned, and magisterial.
In this discussion they devote a significant portion to the evangelists, since it has been argued that evangelists have been responsible for the religious hostility toward the Enlightenment in the U.
In this sense, Decolonizing Enlightenment is a very useful resource for those who, especially in countries in the Anglophone North, want to familiarize themselves with the authors, discussions, conflicts, possibilities and limits of subaltern, "de" and post-colonial feminist theories in relationship to the Enlightenment hegemony.
Ferrone argues that the unifying principle and defining trait of the Enlightenment is the idea of "the emancipation of man through man.
Manjapra overlooks the fact that the Enlightenment was the basic presupposition of these interactions, the ground on which German and Indian intellectuals were able to meet and the reason they were able to talk with each other but, at the same time, a tragic indicator of the severe loss of epistemic and cultural plurality.
Negative portrayals of purported Enlightenment values, with echoes of Horkheimer and Adorno's Dialektik der Auflkarung and Foucault's Surveiller et punir and other works, are more prominent in the German novels, especially those from the first half of the period covered, such as Peter Sloterdijk's Der Zauberbaum and Patrick Suskind's Das Parfum (both of 1985).
The massive textual corpus of Enlightenment Orientalism speaks for itself, but the argument is also masterfully shored up by the way Aravamudan structures each of the five chapters in the book.
Unlike many contemporary Enlightenment scholars such as J.
It's condescending and "Eurocentric," Conrad continues, to cling to the traditional notion that the Enlightenment ended around 1800, because doing so excludes others' contributions.
In "Feeling across Borders: The Europeanization of Russian Nobility through Emotional Patterns," one of the ten essays in the collection entitled Enlightenment Cosmopolitanism, Andrei Zorin relates a historical incident that captures the fundamental thrust of the collection.
The oblique nature of Kant's response here has left open room for, if not actively generated, a great deal of further speculation as to what Enlightenment actually is-in this sense, one might suggest, Kant's statement is true indeed to the spirit of the Enlightenment.
Until recent decades, most students of Catholic history would have viewed the notion of a Catholic Enlightenment as a contradiction in terms.
Enlightenment Ain't What It's Cracked Up to Be pairs a memoir of Robert K.
In intellectual and political culture today, the Enlightenment is routinely celebrated as the starting point of modernity and secular rationalism, or demonized as the source of a godless liberalism in conflict with religious faith.
Religion in the Age of Enlightenment is the first volume in what hopes to be an annual collection of essays devoted to the scholarly examination of "religion and religious attitudes and practices during the age of Enlightenment" (from the volume's "submissions" page).