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photographic equipment consisting of an optical projector used to enlarge a photograph

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I do miss the darkroom atmosphere, and to a certain extent, working with the enlargers, but I love that I can sit down to do my work now, rather than be on my feet for post-production.
A few tools even appeared to have two uses, with enlargers at one end and collectors at the other.
enlargers also is somewhat inconclusive and future studies should strive to determine the relative importance of cavity height, age, volume and micro and macro habitat variables to cavity use in the non-breeding season.
Now, school support services include a number of resources from state-of-the-art adaptive technology like voice recognition software, screen readers and screen enlargers to professional and peer support services.
We used enlargers with the negative carriers removed, but hanging light bulbs would do in a pinch.
Scousers, who tend to be the youngest enlargers at 20 to 22, are the most likely to fund their ops with savings rather than taking out a loan.
We still have two darkrooms with professional large-format enlargers, but for how much longer I can't say," Shrum notes.
The early enlargers were often described as 'solar cameras'.
Screen enlargers or magnifiers enlarge a portion of the text on the screen, increasing the legibility for some people.
You may need special ducting reducers or enlargers to adapt the hood to your ducting.
When I first came here in the seventies, we didn't have any facilities at all, so I actually brought my own two enlargers from home.
With this accomplished students are acquainted with out small darkroom which is packed with six enlargers.
The new sense of scale was not significant in itself, and in isolation it is nothing new, since photographs have been enlarged since enlargers were first produced.
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