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photographic equipment consisting of an optical projector used to enlarge a photograph

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We were carrying back equipment, basic tools, oil paints, my manuscripts, the enlarger, canvas, spare files--things that we could not afford in the UK.
A unique plate holder with micro-fine adjustable x-y axes was designed for our Beseler enlarger.
The document details their capabilities, "Frequency range: 1-2 GHz; Broadband: 45 MHz, Output Power: 2W to using internal enlarger, enlarger up to 1 KW external".
The grinding sounds of early-twentieth-century mechanical toys, which were still functioning and connected to a power source, clattered throughout the room; the base of a postwar, Sovietera photo enlarger served as the stage for a mirror, a piece of halfused soap, and a toy solider; and cigarette ash and bottles of gin littered the scene.
Product Price Features Maxi-Aids TV Screen From $45 Various sizes Enlarger (ma xiaids.
You could outfit a home darkroom with a basic Vivitar, Omega, or Durst enlarger, trays, chemicals, paper, and other supplies for less than $100.
I am trying to locate a photograph for a gentleman whose mother actually designed the building and whose father WORKED there and was responsible for the development of the Gnome Photographic Enlarger.
It's kind of like learning to use a slide rule after electronic calculators became available, or learning film processing and enlarger printing in an era of digital photography.
Will there be a hole enlarger or a small earring card?
The final print might need to be copied again to increase the level of contrast, and perhaps (with Jupiter and Saturn) 'dodged' in the enlarger to reduce the darkness of the planetary limb.
Some of the memorabilia includes old cameras and equipment such as an enlarger.
Hazeldon73's landscape near Wigan is the kind of effect that thousands more of the used to be done with paper cutouts in the darkroom, holding back one part of the image as it was exposed in the enlarger.
In the archive's early days, he made prints from negatives in his darkroom on a large-format Durst enlarger.