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Synonyms for enlargement

Synonyms for enlargement

Synonyms for enlargement

the act of increasing (something) in size or volume or quantity or scope

the state of being enlarged

a discussion that provides additional information

a photographic print that has been enlarged

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The conference is organized by the US Atlantic Council, an influential institution promoting NATO enlargement, which has until recently been chaired by US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.
Paradoxically, in spite of the fact that EU enlargement has been on the agenda since its initiation, it was left with hardly any theoretical groundwork.
Although the usefulness of the chest radiogram in detecting cardiac enlargement has been known for decades, we noticed a mismatch between chest radiography, and clinical/echocardiographic findings in the setting of the left heart valvular regurgitation in our daily practices.
Getting the approval for a vertical enlargement in New York City today is a much more straightforward process than it has been historically.
But breast enlargement still remains the most popular cosmetic procedure in the UK, according to surgeons.
In the photography cove, the walls are plastered with an enlargement of David Hockney's ``Pearblossom Hwy.
This is contradicted by the recent EU preparations for the next phase of enlargement, which should surpass all the previous enlargements in many ways.
On the occasion of this enlargement, and all previous enlargements, the existing members begin to ask themselves again some of the basic questions.
Preston points to serious shortcomings in the EU's classical method of integration, which might become quite perilous in future enlargements.
A strategic rationale for enlargement would help ensure that further NATO enlargements are carried out wisely, with positive effects.
guarantees the same expert quality prints and enlargements as is offered to customers who visit its retail photo center.
The scenes that ultimately make their way onto the gallery wall are no less than third-generation photographs: enlargements of Polaroid SX-70 shots of regular color prints.
Contract notice: a13 - exchanger pont l~eveque - strap-paris lisieux - changes straps motorway / enlargements of structures - earthworks, structures, drainage, pavement, equipment, signage
Therefore, the future enlargements of the Union are expected to be much longer processes than the previous ones," Professor Altmann says.