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Ultrasound of diffuse XGP typically demonstrates an enlarged kidney with a large amorphous central echogenicity that corresponds to a renal pelvis staghorn calculus, multiple fluid-filled masses, and pelvic contracture.
He advised her to undergo a complete hysterectomy but she then had to have an emergency procedure and tests found she was suffering from an enlarged kidney caused by a mistake made during the hysterectomy.
Then a routine ultrasound in the fourth month of pregnancy detected an enlarged kidney.
Of the 3 cases having enlarged kidney sizes, 2 cases were diabetic and 1 case had Adult Polycystic Kidney Disease (APKD), thus explaining the enlarged kidney sizes in CKD, as nephromegaly is common in both DM and APKD.
The enlarged kidney was seen extending upto the right lobe of liver superiorly and inferiorly up to the iliac crest The hydronephrotic kidney displaced bowel loops, aorta and the IVC to the left without significant compression.
He said the girl also had enlarged kidneys and spleen.
Fetal ultrasound performed at 30-weeks gestation showed enlarged kidneys and an echogenic focus in the left cardiac ventricle.
In acute leukemia or lymphoma infiltration of the kidney may occur, presenting as with acute kidney injury, a minimal degree of proteinuria and/or hematuria, and palpable enlarged kidneys [18, 19].
One with bilateral enlarged kidneys with abnormal function whose mother was receiving ambrisentan, a known teratogen, for portal hypertension.
com)-- When undergoing peritoneal dialysis (PD), patients whose cause of kidney failure is polycystic kidney disease (PKD) may be at higher risk for complications due to enlarged kidneys or liver reducing the volume capacity of the peritoneal cavity.
On ultrasonography (USG), he had bilaterally enlarged kidneys (right 18x7 cm, left 20x7.
The most effective indicator of ochratoxicosis in young broiler chickens is enlarged kidneys.
This case was quite different from the classical picture in which patients with FMF usually have profound proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, and symptomatic nephrotic syndrome along with normal-sized or enlarged kidneys.
1] It is characterized by bilaterally enlarged kidneys containing multiple cysts.
The combination of peripheral oedema, anaemia, raised urine albumin/ creatinine ratio and enlarged kidneys aroused suspicion of nephrotic syndrome.