enlarged heart

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an abnormal enlargement of the heart

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This time last year I was a big blob, but once I started doing triathlons and eating healthily, my health improved so much that I no longer have an enlarged heart or high blood pressure.
Hassan was waiting for a heart transplant and had been diagnosed with an enlarged heart.
In a small study involving 20 obese children, 40 percent had enlarged hearts, a sign that the organ is under strain.
PLAINTIFF'S CLAIM If the physician at the urgent care facility had noticed the patient's enlarged heart, there would have been less heart damage, and the patient might have required a bypass, rather than a transplant.
WESTMINSTER -- A familiar face in the community, Westminster Officer Caesar, a Czech shepherd who was a 71/2 -year veteran of the force, was euthanized Monday after suffering from an enlarged heart.
Brian's partner, Emma Dowey, 37, who is stewardess at the club, said: "Brian suffered from an enlarged heart and had been treated at the hospital unit.
The inquest heard Scott, chef at Croes Howell Inn, near Rossett, had an enlarged heart, but a post mortem showed it was nothing to do with his death.
Spokesman for the National Committee to Break the Siege Adham Abu Salmieh said on Thursday that Ahmad Ammar Abu Nahl was suffering from an enlarged heart and liver and had been planning to go to Turkey via Egypt for treatment, Ma'an news agency reported.
A coroner conducted a post mortem and confirmed the cause of the death, reporting particularly enlarged heart and swollen kidneys.
There were also signs of enlarged heart and swollen kidneys.
This medicine, he said, may cause lots of diseases like diabetes, enlarged heart and kidney, and, in some advanced circumstances, may result in exhaustion, weakness, and even early death.
When the parents returned the child to the ED the next morning, he was in cardiac failure related to an enlarged heart.
He didn't go to the doctor immediately - he knows now that he should have - but when he did, "they ran all these tests, and they told me I had an enlarged heart.
The recent death of Wes Leonard, a junior at Fennvilie High School (MI) who died on March 3 of an enlarged heart, has parents and coaches worried about the possibility of lethal-but-undetected heart conditions in young people.