enlarged heart

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an abnormal enlargement of the heart

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Mr Jordan, who worked as an ambulance station officer, suffers from heart failure and has an enlarged heart.
He didn't go to the doctor immediately - he knows now that he should have - but when he did, "they ran all these tests, and they told me I had an enlarged heart.
She had stomach cancer, an enlarged heart and other signs of neglect and was put to sleep.
The postmortem says he suffered a heart attack, and that he had a condition which was basically an enlarged heart.
Summary: Chicago Bears defensive end Gaines Adams has died of a heart attack caused by an enlarged heart.
But an ultrasound examination at Sunderland Royal Hospital revealed the Easington Lane youngster had an enlarged heart, and he was transferred to Newcastle's Freeman Hospital.
It meant his weakened and enlarged heart could not pump blood properly.
A CHEF died suddenly due to an enlarged heart, an inquest heard yesterday.
The 36-year-old's switch from Barcelona to Paris St Germain collapsed on Friday after medical tests discovered he has an enlarged heart.
Data show that five of 81 athletes with widespread and unusual "T" waves but no structural disease eventually developed an enlarged heart, including one who died suddenly one year after initial evaluation.
His mother told the court that her son, who smoked cannabis every day and regularly took harder drugs, had been healthy but had an enlarged heart and a hole-in-the-heart.
Included in the program will be a panel focusing on the competitive athlete and the human heart and, in light of the tragic death of Ryan Shay, a section will address the athlete with an enlarged heart.
The new study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, shows that using an LVAD combined with certain drug therapies can shrink the enlarged heart and enable it to function normally once the LVAD is removed.
A coroner listed the official cause of death an enlarged heart, although Valium, morphine, marijuana, an antihistamine and a high level of codeine were also found in his system.
An autopsy conducted Friday revealed that Dixon had an enlarged heart and a defective heart valve, according to the Westchester County Medical Examiner's office.