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  • verb

Synonyms for enkindle

to cause to burn or undergo combustion

to arouse the emotions of; make ardent

Synonyms for enkindle

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And so, through all the thick mists of the dim doubts in my mind, divine intuitions now and then shoot, enkindling my fog with a heavenly ray.
The system focuses on enkindling face-to-face discussion by using PDAs to inform two paired learners about the correctness of their answers to a certain question; hence, it integrates formal learning content with an informal discussion.
43 emphasizes the commonality of the two missions as invisible in the temporal effect of sanctifying grace, pointing to a distinction in effects of that grace: enlightenment from the Son and enkindling of affections from the Spirit.
The Trustees are of opinion that the appropriation of 300 [pounds sterling], made by Parliament for this object, has done much educational work in the country districts, and has been the means of extending knowledge and intellectual pleasure, and of enkindling nobler ambitions in many thousands of readers in every part of the Colony; and they venture to hope that this branch of their work will be yet much more extended till every hamlet in this Colony may be able to share in the benefits derivable from this national Library.
This is because it is always possible that the god-like principle, or soul, of spiritual life (Bildung) would somehow remain absent from its outward manifestations (Bilder): "And isn't this soft reflection of the Godhead in man the true soul, the enkindling spark of all poetry?
its train," as Moltmann says, but carries a torch before it, enkindling and enabling hope (Experiment Hope 46).