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set afire

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To indicate more clearly the difference between a poet and a prophet, I would say: Both are seized and enkindled by one god, but the poet expends the enjoyable gift bestowed upon him in order to produce pleasure, to attain honor, or at least a comfortable life, by what he produces.
Thus my mind, all rapt, was gazing, fixed, motionless and intent, ever enkindled by its gazing.
But with renewable energy solutions a hope has been enkindled.
The great hopes and expectations that the Bangladesh War of Liberation had enkindled in the hearts and minds of all citizens including Hindus have given a way to a sense of frustration, indeed to deep sense of betrayal.
These activities enkindled old memories of activities in West Cameroon since 1960s, most of which have rarely been documented.
This ongoing support was and still is a main reason to encourage Damascus regime to lead, adamantly, with its deviation and tyranny, and thus keeping the Syrian crisis enkindled for the third year in a row without even a glimpse of hope to solve it or to end one of the biggest crises and human sufferings recorded in the contemporary history, he stated.
Men aflame with a burning charity towards their neighbours are thus enkindled because they have touched the depth of their own misery, their own apparentiality, their own nothingness, and then, turning their newly opened eyes upon their fellows, they have seen that they also are miserable, apparential, condemned to nothingness, and they have pitied them and loved them.
If we look to love for a sense of unity and connectedness, the plangent irony is that it more likely divides and destroys; as Althea anguishes, "a fire enkindled of mine hands / And of mine hands extinguished: this is he" (ll.
Hagar and her son are said to have left Sarah's house shortly after the birth of Ishmael due to the strife enkindled between the two women.
The Catholic faith insists that one's own spirituality is most alive when it is lived and we suggest that an enkindled spirituality engages directly with the problems of the world.
Just like the colonial expansion and industrial revolution in Great Britain spurred the development of investment banking, so did the construction of the transcontinental railroad trigger its rise in the United States, with the idea further enkindled by the American victory in the war with Mexico and considered to be of strategic importance for the economy.
With potent essential oils, superior fragrance delivery and artisan craftsmanship, this collection ensures homes are left enkindled with feelings of tranquillity, warmth and energy.
Then why do we need such meetings at which they pretend to put out the fire in the country when it is enkindled inside the parliament.
32) The destitute poor of Madurai unsuspectingly enkindled a forceful spark of God's grace, gifting the church and the future with an awakening to universal mission.
Such sources enkindled her opposition to a society based on the profit motive and her stand against nuclear war.