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  • verb

Synonyms for enkindle

to cause to burn or undergo combustion

to arouse the emotions of; make ardent

Synonyms for enkindle

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Rita Patterman of Indianapolis pulls out these two short prayers when she is struggling with the temptation of sin: "Come Holy Spirit, enlighten my mind and enkindle my heart" and "Mary, Queen of Peace, help me through this trial, this task, this day.
He clearly wants to enkindle energy for Christian political engagement; that said, he is more concerned with showing how the goals of politics transcend political realization than with telling Christians under what conditions they should support political force or coercive laws.
He testifies that holiness is possible for everyone, and that only the revolution of charity can enkindle the hope of a better future in the hearts of people.
Others will benefit from it too, but this book will unfailingly enkindle a greater love for the priesthood.
commenting of your own fire and in the flame which you all enkindle in yourselves.
In particular, the idea I have found most amazing is: "The greatest service to development is a humanism that enkindles charity and takes its lead from truth.
It is a righteous and not a sensual heaven that perpetually enkindles the passions and desires of the flesh.
In revealing the terrors of timeliness, passion enkindles an awareness, and thus a relationship, with the radical otherness of eternity.
The equivalent of the fan which enkindles the fire is action (karma).
Ceaseless comparison, the making of which enkindles dissatisfaction, is a basic mechanism of human perception.
s choice of films does not display explicit or direct "religious" themes, it enkindles theological imagination, so that sparks of the divine may be perceived within cinematic stories portraying the paradox of being human.
To this effect, in his 2006 Lenten address, Benedict notes, recalling Populorum Progressio, that the most complete "antidote" to various painful (apparently material) developmental realities, including abject poverty, abuse of political and other power, exploitative business practices, and the like, will inevitably be the gift of faith and the life of charity that it enkindles.
The Church greets her risen Lord in the morning, marks the descent of the Holy Spirit at midmorning, commemorates the passion and death of the Lord at noon and at three o'clock, enkindles the lamp of faith in Christ the Light of the World at eventide, and enters the sleep of the Lord at Compline.
The flame that really enkindles can't, you might say, burn through because of the excess of ash covering it.
Love engenders attentiveness which begets insight; desire enkindles perseverance in the ethical quest.